Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 3, 2012

True Love

There is no love that is like God’s love. True godly love will never fail because it never quits.

When we put true love at the front, at the top of everything we do; you will have peace in your life. When we have human love as the deciding factor then we will have to deal guilt and shame. When we live with true love there is no hiding what we have done or said. True love covers us completely. This is something that I have to develop in my life. I am wanting to experience true godly love not just every day, but every second of every day. See, I have made bad decisions, wrong choices and some mistakes in my life. All because I didn’t put true love at the forefront of my mind and heart. The more I desire God’s love, the less I see of it in the world. That would be because the world doesn’t know this kind of love. It is sad to say that most Christians aren’t operating in this type of love either. I am not being critical, judgmental, or mean, but it is true. The only way that most people will see and experience true love is through those are that desire it. True love is tough and yet soothing. It is a complete love. To say it is complete is saying that it is never ending. This is my desire for you that you see this type of love through and in me. It is always appropriate, never selfish, never mean or rude. I got a long way to go, but I got my seat belt buckled and ready for the ride. Is it time you let go of the imperfect and fallible human love and accepted and received God’s true love?