Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 6, 2014

Truth Perspective

The decision to adjust our perspective on a situation, seeing that its only purpose is to show us truth changes everything.

I have often said that no matter what I want to know the truth about a situation, especially about myself. I may not like it and it may make me mad, but it’s truth and you can stand on truth. That’s when it’s time to adjust our perspective. See the situation for what it really is and then make changes. When you see yourself in the perspective of truth; only then can you make the correct adjustments. Don’t run from truth that you don’t like. Facts change everyday, just like our feelings change. Facts and feelings are fickle, but truth is strong and will sustain you. Nothing can keep you going toward your purpose like knowing the truth. So today I encourage you to go on a quest for truth. Only perspective is the truth perspective from this moment forward. Do you have a truth perspective today?