Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 26, 2010

Wait Up

12 26 10 Sunday

This time of the year I hear folk talking about how they are so tired.  Folk are wore out from the holidays.  There is a verse that says; those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength.

That verse goes on to talk about the young and the old both being strong.  There is strength available for our spirit, soul and body.  To be a person of destiny we must be strong in all areas.   There will be times we are tired, but we can and will be renewed when we wait on the Lord.  That word wait doesn’t mean we sit around and do nothing, but like a waiter or waitress, we serve.  When we serve God we are renewed.  When we serve others we are renewed.  To be a person of destiny it means we are servants, so renewing is for you.  If you are serving but are not being renewed, check your motives, agendas, and who it is you are serving.  Also, make sure you are serving Jesus first, then others.  Be a servant and see your strength renewed daily.


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