Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 23, 2010

What's Your Problem

11 23 10 Tuesday

We will be remembered for one of two things; the problems we caused or the problems that we solved.  Which way are you going to be remembered?

You were created with the ability to solve a problem.  There is someone or a group of someone’s that has a situation, a problem, that you were created to solve.  That basically is what destiny is all about.  Sounds very simple, but if it were so simple wouldn’t we all be solving that problem?  The hitch in this is that some folk seem to be created to cause problems; which in reality is not true.  However, there are folk that have caused me and you problems in life.  We will remember them for that problem.  There are people too that have solved problems in our life and we will never forget them either.  I really want to be a problem solver; not a problem creator or even a problem spotter.  Creators and spotters are not destiny minded; at least not in the sense of a problem solver.  In the Bible, Daniel was a solver of knotty problems. That is my goal.  Will you be remembered as a spotter or a solver? The choice is yours today.  Choose solver!

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