Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 16, 2010

Within Reach

10 16 10 Saturday

I was talking with my wife Melissa the other night; we were talking how we look at people. She has an awesome perspective when it comes how she sees others.  That is why she has incredible people skills.  From that conversation comes today’s blog; my perspective of folk.

I don’t make friends very easily, not like Melissa.  I find that I am intimidated by folk.  I hear that I intimidate folk though; those two things don’t make it easy to make friends.  I am more afraid of others than they are of me.   However, I do study folk, I watch them to see how they interact with others.  From this I am seeing there are a lot of hurting folk around.  I want the hurting to know that restoration, reconciliation and healing are right there for them.  It is up to them to accept and receive those things into their lives.  So many never do though.  This truly breaks my heart.  What can I do about it though? I don’t have the relationship skills to make a difference.  That is why for now that I write.  One day I will be able to do more face to face, but for now I write.  So if you are one of those hurting folk; please know that your healing, your restoration and your reconciliation is so close.  It is within your reach.  Take that chance and reach out for it.  Today is your day to start the healing, restoring and reconciliation process in your life.  You will never regret it.


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