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December 21, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday

12 21 10 Tuesday

Happy Birthday to me!! 45 years young today. Feel better than I did at 35. Hope to say that in 10 more years too.  Thanks for the BD wishes.

For me the best birthday present would be to see you living your destiny.  I talked a couple of years ago about if everyone in the world started walking in their destiny.  Wow! What would that look like? If you, me, your family, your neighbor, everybody in the world got up this morning and began moving, living, walking, talking, operating and fulfilling their destiny, their purpose in life.  There would be some awesome changes taking place in a short time period. Know that destiny is not just for a few select folk.  You, yes you, have a very distinct and specific destiny and purpose in life.  Are you living out your destiny? It is my desire, dream, and purpose to see you in your destiny.  My destiny, you see, is to see you in your destiny.  Don’t lose hope in your dreams and destiny. You have got to hold on to your dreams.  Allow them to take you places you need to go.  Allow them to enable you to do things you didn’t think you could do.  No fear! Absolutely no fear! What a great birthday gift indeed to see you on the way to your destiny!!


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