Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 13, 2022

Adding Value

By adding value to people’s lives, you can make a difference in the world.

One of the subjects I talk about in detail is adding value to others and making a difference in the world. By adding value to someone you have made a positive contribution into their world. That’s the way that we make a difference in the world; one person at a time. The way to leave your mark, your name, is to add value to other people. By doing so, you make the world a little better place to be. How do we change the world? Once person at a time. You have what it takes to make a difference. Your purpose will take you to your destiny, which is to help others. Never allow your thinking to stop you from helping others. Don’t allow others to limit your thinking. Limit minded people will try to get you to think that you don’t have anything to add. You have plenty to offer. You may have had some bad experiences but doesn’t take away from what you have to offer. Go today and add value to someone. Make their world a better place to live. What do you have to offer?

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