Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

March 31, 2022

Battle of the Mind

There is a battle going on in our minds.

Our thoughts dictate our actions. That’s why it can so easy to have your mind go in the wrong direction. Sometimes, it’s not our own thoughts that are holding us back; sometimes it’s that we’ve believed the negative things that other people have spoken. Those words are like weeds. If you dwell on them long enough, they’ll take root and become reality. In life, there will always be people telling you what cannot be done, speaking negative things. Too often we hold on to those negative words and develop a “stronghold.” That’s a wrong thought or action that keeps us from becoming a Champion . The way you break those negative strongholds is by rejecting the lie, forgiving the person, and standing on the truth. In other words, you have to choose to delete that negative file in your mind. Today, why don’t you take inventory of your thought life? Ask yourself, “Where did these thoughts come from? Do they line up with what God says about me?” Break the negative strongholds and hold on to the truth so you can be the relentless, unstoppable Champion you were created to be! Are you winning the mental battle today?

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