Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 1, 2023

Champion’s Talk

Let them know you are a Champion by your actions, not your words or emotions.

A Champion allows their actions to speak for them. Pretenders and contenders use words and hype to get attention. A Champion knows that won’t work. People get tired of all the hollering and acting out. Just go do work. Do what you do best and let people see your results. Being unstoppable means you don’t have to do much talking. Your actions speak for you. You know what to do and you go do it. Be the leader that shows others you will do what needs to be done. Be the difference in the world around you with your actions. Today it seems like people like to do talk more about how great they are and what they can do. However, all that doesn’t mean anything unless you are unstoppable and relentless. A Champion knows that if you have to do a lot of talking then you aren’t there yet. Take your game to the next level by being a person of little talk but strong actions. What is speaking for you today?

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