Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 25, 2022

Climbing Higher

Most people are afraid to climb to the highest level, because if they fail, the fall is too far.

A Champion is never afraid of climbing to the highest level, they are afraid of failing or falling. There is no level to high or challenging for someone that is unstoppable. When you are destined to be a Champion, and you are, you know that the highest level is where are supposed to be in time. There will be seasons of failing, but that is part of the process that it takes to be unstoppable. If you are not at the highest level of your purpose and destiny, then keep climbing. Matter of fact, don’t ever stop climbing. People that are not on your level yet, need to see that they too can make it. A true Champion will make sure that others too are climbing. Then one day those will be on your shoulders going to a higher level. Don’t let the struggles stop you. Don’t ever stop anyone else from going higher either. Get ready to climb higher today and don’t be afraid to look down. Are you climber higher today?

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