Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 29, 2022


Champions make decisions, not suggestions, they know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions.

If you want to be a Champion you have to be prepared. The Boy Scouts say; ‘Be Prepared.’ Well, a Champion is always prepared. You know what it is you do better than anyone else. For this to happen you have to study, listen and learn. Watch others that have gone before you see how they succeeded and failed along the way. See how they did it and then improve on it. When you do this, when others are asking questions about what to do, you already have the answers to the questions. This also helps you to be decisive. When you come to a crossroads you know the way to go. You have the information to make the decision before you get there. Therefore, a Champion is a person who makes informed decisions when others are still trying to figure out the questions. An unstoppable person is willing to learn in order to be a Champion. Are you in decision making mode today?

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