Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 7, 2022


You must learn to forgive even when another does not receive it or forgive you.

I get a lot of questions about forgiveness. Forgiveness, in my opinion, is the first step in healing. It one thing to forgive someone when they openly accept your forgiveness. It’s when the other party refuses your forgiveness that we are tested. Many people have a problem if the other person doesn’t return the forgiveness if you need as well. However, the thing is, it doesn’t matter if they accept your forgiveness or not. It makes no difference if they offer you their forgiveness of not. There is never a question of whether or not you forgive someone. You always forgive, quickly and completely. Never, under any circumstances, withhold your forgiveness from anyone. It doesn’t matter what they did or said. Forgiving is not trusting or saying what they did was okay. Forgiving means giving the clean and clear conscience. Today, I encourage you to forgive everyone that has hurt you. Don’t carry unforgiveness in your heart another day. Let it go now! Completely! Don’t hold any back. Are you forgiving today?

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