Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 5, 2021

Going Forward

One of the saddest things would be to come to the end of life and wonder what we could have become. “What if I hadn’t neglected to use talents I had? What if I had broken away from the people who were causing me to compromise? What if I had controlled my temper and treated people with respect? What if I had taken that risk in my career and not played it safe all the time?”

You don’t have to wonder. You can start today. You can still become who you were created you to be. The question is, do you want it badly enough? You have to go after what God has for you. Being passive and indifferent will keep you from your destiny. Stir your passion up and make the decision, “I’m going to pursue my dream. I’m going to take steps to grow the gift inside me. I’m going to come up higher.”
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