Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 16, 2022

Next Level

Relentless is about finding the next gear that gets you to the next level…even when the next level doesn’t yet exist.

As a Champion you are always pushing the envelope. You are creating new levels of greatness. There is nothing that can stop you. There is greatness inside of you. Just because something doesn’t exist yet, when it comes time you will create it. The next level is always there for you. A lot of times as a Champion you have to make the rules, because the rules for that level haven’t been made yet. You are in uncharted waters most of the time. This is a major reason that most never take their lives to the next level. They are afraid of the unknown. Fear is the biggest enemy to those that trying and not doing. You have to be able to move forward even when you haven’t been there before. It is exciting to know that you are exploring new territory. You have to be unstoppable in your purpose. Your destiny is one of greatness and truly exciting. Don’t stay in the same place forever. Take it to the next level. Be the Champion you were created to be. Start today if you haven’t already. Are you ready to go to the next level today?

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