Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 18, 2022

No Doubt

Today remove any and all doubt about yourself.

You are more than able to fulfill your purpose and destiny. I meet with many people that tell me that they don’t think they are good enough or have what it takes to have a destiny. Unfortunately, if you believe that about yourself, you are fulfilling your destiny but not the one that was prepared for you. Today, I want to encourage you to change your belief system about yourself. You are a person of purpose and destiny. God don’t create junk ok. You have what it takes. You are more than good enough to make a difference. Stop thinking anything different. Find the truth about yourself and get going. There is no time for any of us to sit around having a pity party, feeling sorry for ourselves. Have the courage to stand up and be the example of an overcomer, not someone that has been overcome. If you been knocked down, then get back up. It’s time to get moving forward. People are depending on you. You ready to get going today?

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