Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 9, 2021

Root Hog

Why is it that we so often let our imagination run wild with negative, depressing images? We imagine the worst about situations and everything that’s wrong and how it will never work out. Why don’t you start letting your imagination run in the other direction? Imagine accomplishing your dreams, living long and healthy, rising higher, succeeding, and going places you’ve never dreamed.

There is an order. Before you can build and plant and see increase, before that situation is going to turn around, you have to pull down and root out There a place of victory for you, where you will rule over anything that’s holding you back, but you have to pull down any wrong imaginations, and you have to root out any negative images. You can’t allow wrong imaginations to play all the time. This is the only thing that’s holding some people back. Start changing the channel to what you hear, think and believe.

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