Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 19, 2022


Be secure in who you are so that other folks insecurities don’t bring you down.

When you allow what other people do or say dictate how you act; then they are controlling you. Insecure people are threatened by secure people. With this is mind, you have to be strong enough to not allow others to affect your attitude. I meet with people al the time that are so full of anger and hurt because of what someone else did. However, you can’t allow what others do control how you act. This is why being secure in who you are is so important. When someone leaves you out, doesn’t invite you to a party, talks about you behind your back; you never give it a second thought. You don’t show them that it bothers you, because it doesn’t. You flood them with forgiveness and kindness. You take the noble, the high road and do what’s right, no matter how it feels. Being secure is a must for a person of purpose. I encourage you today to step into your full destiny. Be secure in who you are and work on being who you were created to be. Are you secure in yourself?

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