Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 11, 2022

Your Focus

The highest purpose is the purpose you create with your life and how you use it for others.

When we talk about your purpose in life, it’s so much what you do for yourself, but it’s what you do for others. Your purpose will enable you to serve others. A person that uses their gift for themselves only, is not fulfilling their destiny and purpose for their life. A life of purpose is a life about others. It means focusing your life to making a positive difference in other people’s life. Many people never reach their highest purpose in life because they aren’t servant or others minded. Your highest calling or purpose is about others not yourself. Take inventory of your life today and see if you’re focusing your purpose on yourself or others. Take your life to the next level. There is no greater calling than being a servant leader. Determine how your purpose in life can benefit other people today. Are you focusing your purpose on others today?

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