Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 10, 2022

Your Path

The people who do no actively choose a road to travel always default to the road everyone else is already on. They default to ‘average.’

When you let others decide what you do, chances are you will be average. The above average, the champion is the person that makes their own decision on which path to take. Do they look at what others are doing before deciding? No. They look within themselves and decide which path to take. Champions don’t compete with others, they compete daily with themselves. Champions know what has to be done and get it done with maximum effort. The above average person works hard, but more importantly they work smart. Champions know that the mental aspect of their purpose is as important, if not more important, than the physical. When faced with a path choice, always take the path less traveled. When you opt for the tougher route there will be much less traffic. The extra mile is not crowded at all. Champions aren’t like everyone else. They do the ordinary in an extraordinary way. They operate with excellence. Champions are rare and most find it difficult to duplicate the success. Don’t default to average once you have made it to the top. Continue to strive for above average. Which path are you taking today?

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