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Encouraging Author of 3 books:

Embrace Your Destiny


Playbook of Champions

I have dedicated my life to helping people to discover and live their destiny. I believe that we all have a distinct and specific destiny and purpose for our life. Too many people are just living their life going through the daily motions; not realizing the impact their destiny has on the world around them. If you find that you never have enough energy to get through the day; you are living for the weekends, or just bored with life; then it is time to start living your destiny. If you are wondering; Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?Then you have come to the right place. I want to help you not only discover your destiny and purpose in live, but live it daily. Let’s find your passion in life, your gift/talent, your identity, your destiny and your purpose.

Some of my work has been used by several athletic teams to help in the motivation and inspiration of their athletes.  I have worked in the area of performance coaching with several teams; University of Alabama, New Orleans Saints, Stillman College, Advantage Realty,  Clemson University, University of South Carolina, SMU, Valparaiso and many high schools around the country.

My wife, Melissa, and our daughter, Gloria live here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Be sure and check out my blog Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly. You can subscribe to it through your email or RSS reader. It is sent out each day of the week to help you, encourage you, and inspire you to reach your destiny. I want you to get all there is out of life.  I have a Podcast Page where you can find all the podcast that I have done. These are there for you to listen to and again be encouraged that you are not alone in your day to day issues.  I have also included Roadmap to Your Destiny Page  where you will find the video segments from WVUA here in Tuscaloosa.

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“Scott has a unique ability to transform organizations and individuals. He’s gifted with the ability to see into the heart of teams, people And processes – to set a clear plan that increases results.”

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