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September 30, 2010

It's Feeding Time

09 30 10 Thursday

I am thankful for the love that I have in my life.  My grandmother used to say, “I love; love.”  There is no way that love and selfishness can live in the same heart.  For you it may be some other trait besides selfishness, but for me it’s selfishness.

There is definitely a battle that goes inside of us.  There are two sides that are trying to win control of our spirit, soul and body.  Which one will win? The one that we feed the most.  We can say we want to do right all day long, but if we are feeding the wrong side; the dark side, then we will not do right.  Which side are you feeding?  I have decided to feed the good side.  The only way to defeat the dark side of selfishness in my world is through love.  By loving others and loving myself the selfishness will not be able to live.  You see, one or the other will win out in the end.  It’s up to us, no one can determine which side wins but us.  We do the feeding.  Make the choice today to feed the right side; the good side.

September 29, 2010

Battling Self

09 29 10 Wednesday

We all have a comfort zone.  Be careful that you don’t get so comfortable that you get lazy. This can happen very easily.  When we stop doing the things that make us better we will get worse.

For me it is being selfish.  I seem to have a never ending battle with selfishness.  It keeps rearing up at me when I don’t keep my foot on its head.  The thing to do is cut the head off and the body will die.  However, I haven’t done this at this point. I will continue to battle selfishness until I do conqueror it.  For you it may be something else.  Whatever your area is, don’t let up. Keep up the good fight and in the end you will overcome it.  Don’t relax and think it’s ok just because things are going good.  Be sure it is dead and buried.  Then make sure you don’t bring it back to life. Selfishness will not destroy me or those around me.  It will not destroy relationships or my marriage.  I choose today to put my wife, my daughter and others in my life before me.  I choose today to be open and honest.  To be accountable to those folk that God has placed in my life.  I will not hide or hold back the true, unconditional love that I have for those in my life.  This is what I have to do and relay want to do.  For you it could be different.  What I am trying to convey to you, is do a personal inventory of your life.  Ask those closest to you, they will know the truth about you.  Allow God to change you and make you into the person He created you to be.  Today is our day of victory over selfishness and all other negative traits.  Begin today!!

September 28, 2010

Be Accountable

09 28 10 Tuesday

Stay on guard, don’t ever let your guard down.  By this I don’t mean building walls to keep others out.  What I mean is guard against the enemy that will attack you when you drop your guard.

Over the past year or so I have made a lot of changes in my life, just as many of you have too.  However, I relaxed in some areas and let my guard down and the sure enough the enemy attacked.  Not through a violent explosion but through quiet erosion.  I allowed things to come back into me that need not be there.  Then there is the explosion.  The only way to keep this from happening to through accountability.  For those that are married be at the very most accountable to your spouse. This has been an area I have failed in too often. I want to trust and be accountable to my wife and I will be.  Then find someone that will hold you accountable.  May be a pastor or someone that has integrity and is trustworthy.  Also make sure, other than your spouse, that your accountable to folk of the same sex.  Bottom line is be open and honest, areas I have to deal with every day of my life, but I am dealing with them.  I will submit to my wife and be accountable to her and other men in my life. I encourage you to do the same.  Accountability may just save you from a lot of heart ache in your life.  Choose today to be accountable.

September 27, 2010

Dis Discouragement

09 27 10 Monday

If you are discouraged today this is for you.  If you know someone that is discouraged this is for you. If you have ever been discouraged then this is for you. We all face discouragement at some time or another.

No one is immune to discouragement.  It is how we handle it when it comes that will determine whether or not we become discouraged.  We all know folk that seem to always be discouraged.  It is a way of life for some.  However, to be discouraged means you have lost heart, lost perspective, lost destiny, lost hope.  None of these are good things to lose.  When you are faced with something that has discouragement all over it, turn it away.  The decision is ours to be discouraged or not.  No one can make you be discouraged or encouraged if you don’t make the decision.  Take the high road and be encouraged.  Even when bad things happen to us; you may have been let go from your job, a relationship gone bad, your friends not being friendly, your spouse not acting right, whatever the case may be, never let discouragement live in your heart.  There is a good side to things, we just have to look for it.  It may be 99% bad and 1% good, but there is good. We can build on the good.  Don’t be discouraged.  Find someone who is up beat and positive.  Don’t hang with folk that are always down and negative; that will rub off on you.  Make today a great day! The choice is all yours!

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September 26, 2010

Love Hurts

09 26 10 Sunday

My status yesterday was about God’s love.  How He is looking for ways to express Himself, which is love, to us.  Do we look for His expressions of love in our every day life? I am guilty of taking His love for granted, but I am changing that right now.

I understand there is no way to fully understand His love for us.  If I have trouble loving myself, how can I understand His unconditional love for me? There is no way, but I do believe we can develop in that love.  We can allow His love to flow through us and into others.  There is a love that doesn’t hurt others.  It is sounds funny to say that love hurts, but then; we hurt the ones we love.  But there is a love that can restore us, reconcile us, give us hope and forgiveness.  That love is available to all of us.  Letting God’s love cleanse us and work inside of us is a privilege.  For me, it does hurt sometimes, but it is so worth it.  Once He has done a work in us, the results are out of this world.  What I am saying is this; allow God’s love to come in and do a work in you.  Don’t dictate what He is to do, because He knows full well what we need and will do it.  He is more than able to heal us and put us right where we need to be.  Remember; Jesus love us this we know, for the Bible tells us so.  Never forget His love for us.

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September 25, 2010

Pride or Peace; You're Choice

09 25 10 Saturday

One year ago this weekend really stands out in my mind.  I remember it being the weekend that Alabama and Arkansas played here in Tuscaloosa.  It was a very hot Friday.  The status of my marriage was very much up in the air too.

What the difference a year makes. I believe I will remember this weekend a year from now too.  Melissa and I are doing better than we ever have.  We enjoy one another and our daughter.  Life is good!  I have learned many lessons during the year.  One thing that really stands out to me right now is relationships and forgiveness.  I have written on forgiveness as much as any subject, but it is a very important subject.  Not just forgiveness we give others, but forgiving ourselves too.  The older I get the less negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions I have inside me the better.  For me, forgiveness, restoration and reconciliation bring peace.  I like having peace in my spirit, soul, and body.  This also brings peace into my home.  There are so many relationships that have been shattered over the years that I wish I could restore and reconcile.  My heart breaks when I thing about the way I have treated folks over the years. However, I am learning.  Their is a lesson here for us all though.  Be quick to forgive others and yourself.  Let peace be the deciding factor.  Peace is so under rated.  Pride and peace can’t reside in the same place.  You will either have one or the other.  Do whatever it takes to have peace.  Forgive quickly and completely. Restore friendships now.  Reconcile relationships today!

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September 24, 2010

Honor and Sacrifice

09 24 10 Friday

Wednesday night; Melissa, Gloria and I went out to Bama Air at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport to welcome home the Honor Flight.  We were not the only ones there by any means. I had no idea what I was in for.

We waited on the tarmac for about 1 1/2 hours for the plane bringing the WWII veterans back from Washington D.C. There were a lot of folk there, both young and old waiting just as we were.  It was hot, I was tired, had to use the bathroom and so on.  I wanted to go home!  Then the plane finally landed.  It was then that it really hit me what I was getting to see and be a part of.  These men and women were heroes.  These folk had sacrificed for me.  In the prime of their lives they were taken away from their families and sent to places they probably had never heard of before.  They were willing to give their life if necessary for me.  It’s one thing to have a mindset that they sacrificed for the USA, but the mindset of they had sacrificed for me was something totally new to me.  I was in awe of the men and women as they came by us.  The looks on their faces was something I will never forget.  I was so proud of them.  The question I kept asking myself was, ‘what am I willing to sacrifice for someone else?’ “What am I willing to give up for another person I don’t even know’? I don’t mean the stuff we don’t like, but are we willing to sacrifice something we really like, such as our freedom for others? I haven’t yet wrapped my brain around all this yet, but I am getting closer.  What are you willing to give up?

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September 23, 2010

Insecurity Goals

09 23 10 Thursday

I have been listening to Zig Ziglar the past couple of days.  He is a hoot to listen to. Andy Andrews does a great Zig impression, sounds just like him.  Anyways, Zig has been talking about setting goals.

Whether or not you set goals in your life is really up to you. I do recommend that you do set some sort of goals though. They are vital to your success in your life.  The thing that really hit home with me was one key reason why we don’t set goals.  The number one reason that we don’t set goals is; insecurity. We are afraid others will find out, we are afraid others won’t approve, and most of all we are afraid of “what if don’t reach the goal; what if we fail.”  How sad it is that we don’t set goals because of our own insecurities.  I have talked a lot about insecurities in the past year or so, but never in relation to goal setting.  I am not so bothered by the fact that a lot of folk don’t set goals, but I am bothered by the fact that the number one reason is because of insecurities.   We have to stop letting insecurities steal our destiny. Insecurities are robbing us and those around us of what is rightfully your’s and theirs.  The person sitting next to you has insecurities.  What can we do to build them up, help them to overcome these destiny stealing insecurities?  Granted we can’t do it for them nor them for us, but something can be done.   We just have to decide what that something is.  Just by the fact that you are reading this blog each day or maybe for the first time ever does mean you want to do something to overcome your own insecurities and for to help those around you.  Together we can make it happen.  Enable the person next to you to feel secure in who they are and their destiny.  Together we can walk out and live our destiny.

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September 22, 2010

Out of our Way

09 22 10 Wednesday

How often do we go out of our way to make others feel good about themselves? How often do we really compliment someone and mean it? How often do we put others feelings before our own?

As we have added the Encouragement texts, I am getting some feedback and you guys are telling me that folk really don’t go out of their way for others much any more.  We may put our spouse or kids first, but outside the immediate family it really isn’t happening that much.  I wrote the book on selfishness, so I really have to work on putting others first.  For me, sometimes, I have put others before my family; crazy I know.  However, I have really put that old selfish person on the road.  He does try to come back in from time to time, but having accountability in my life has helped to keep him out.  Anyways, I want to encourage you to start encouraging other folk.  Show more interest in them than you do yourself.  It’s one thing to be interesting but a complete new level to show interest.  I know for me it is hard work to make others feel comfortable around me.  I don’t ever try or intend to intimate folk and sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do; if their insecurity is so high.  I find myself apologizing all the time; and if I have ever made you feel uncomfortable in any way, please forgive me.  With that done; lets set our sights on encouraging and uplifting others.  For some it may begin with a smile.  I have to remind myself to smile, so I know how this all works from the ground up.  My goal with this blog, with the Encouragement text and my book projects is to encourage the encouragers.  So the plan is to develop you and me to be encouragers and then we all go and encourage others.  In the end you too will be developing encouragers.  That is what this is all about really, building and establishing good, healthy, strong relationships.  Make a difference today in someone’s life. Be an encourager!

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September 21, 2010

Life Lessons

09 21 10 Tuesday

In yesterday’s Encouragement text I mentioned about developing the champion in you by bringing out the champion in others.  A concept that I sorta developed listening to some Dale Carnegie stuff.

When you have the ‘right’ to criticize someone, hurt, demean, tear down, not forgive or any other negative thing that does not mean that we have to go through with it.  Just because we think we have the ‘right’ to do it, does that really mean we have to do it? Is giving them a piece of our mind going to give them and us a peace of mind?  It will take a great deal of humility to be the stronger and better person.  Take the opportunity you have and make the most of it.  Use that chance to build them up, it make be done through correction, but done in the right way, correction can be an awesome thing.  When you have that upper hand, the high ground if you will, take that position to build them up.  Develop the character, the champion in you, by bringing out the character and champion in them.  You will get better results from you and from them.  Being negative is easy, anyone can do that, but finding something positive to work with and build on, that takes insight and maturity.  Be slow to speak and slow to anger; think before you act.  Don’t react as much as you respond.  We have many life lessons available everyday, we just need to take advantage and make use of them.  You guys are awesome and I know you can do this and even more.  Keep up the great work!

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