Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly


A story of reconciliation, hope, encouragement and destiny

Nearly every person suffers from some type of an addiction. This is a story about a man that had addictions in his life. When he is found out and comes clean it is surprising how his family treats him, his friends treat him, and how his church treats him. Travis feels like he has lost everything and everyone when a stranger comes into his life. See how Aggie takes Travis through the steps of the recovery of his addictions.

“Aggie is written in a way that people can understand.It is my belief that this book will be a substantial help to all who read it–leading to understanding, repentance, faith, and God’s blessing for people and families”  

Dr. John Thorington, Christian therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

Nationally Certified Counselor

AGGIE coverAggie on sale at heritage house             

Aggie can be ordered at: Barnes and Noble

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Aggie can be ordered at: Tate Publishing

Aggie is available in paperback and Ebook format.

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