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May 31, 2013

Healing and Peace

Everyone makes mistakes, Mistakes help youth learn and grow. A better word for mistake could be experience.

I have battled addictions all of my life; if 2 are good 17 gotta be better. Sometimes I have won; sometimes lost. Never measuring up to the standard I had for myself, never good enough. Always striving to be better; wanting to be a part of something bigger than me. For brief moments I would experience peace in my life, but never lasting. I know I have purpose and destiny; there is a plan for my life. Today is a day of recognizing internal change in me. I will never be the same again. Today practice is over and it’s time to play for keeps. Time to help others like myself to heal and find peace. I know I am not alone in this fight, but many will never admit it. Peace and healing only come after admitting you have issues. It’s not like no one knows, because we all have issues some type or another. Set side fear and pride because toady is the day to begin your healing and peace will come. Are you ready to make a change?


May 30, 2013

Inner Self

You will instantly be performing at a higher level if you stop being so external and start becoming more internal.

God wants your inner man to be strong and healthy because your internal condition affects your external condition. If you are healthy in your soul, you will be healthy in your relationships, finances and every area. On the other hand, if your internal condition is negative, sour and defeated, then your life will reflect the same thing. How do you become strong and healthy in your soul? By knowing the truth you are giving strength to your inner man. You are programming your mind and heart in the right direction. You are setting yourself up to prosper and be in health in every area of your life. Are you strengthening your inner self?


May 29, 2013

Pressure Free

Knowing that you will win, succeed, and overcome takes the pressure off.

Sometimes I will record a football game and watch it when I get home later. Most times, I already know how the game ends. I’ve talked to friends or watched the news. I know my team wins. While I’m watching, I don’t get upset if my team falls behind. I don’t get uptight if it’s halftime and we still haven’t scored. I’m totally at peace. Why? I already know the outcome. The truth is that the further behind we fall, the more excited I am because that means a big comeback is on its way. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. God has promised us victory. You may go through disappointments. At times, it seems like you’re far behind. But you’ve got to remind yourself, “God holds my future in the palm of His hand. He already knows the outcome. God never ends in defeat!” I’m going to come out of this better and stronger than ever before! Remember, He knows how it ends, and it ends in peace, joy and victory in every area of your life! Are you living pressure free today?


May 28, 2013

Start Today

If you believe you can make a difference in this world, you can make your own reality.

You are here to make a difference. It’s a shame when people go through their entire life without realizing they were born to make a difference. Your difference is different than my difference, but we all have the assignment. When you are in the group of people that know they are to be difference makers; everything changes. Being a difference maker is a game changer. Don’t let low self esteem or pride get in the way of your purpose. You have the goods, everything it takes, all you will ever need; right now inside of you to make a difference in the world. Be who you were created to be today. Don’t back down, don’t take a back seat to anything or anyone who says you don’t matter. You do matter, you are a difference maker. The best day to have started was early in your life, the next best day to start is today. Get it started today. Make the difference you were created to make. Are you making a difference today?


May 27, 2013

Don't Delay

Everybody was put on this earth to achieve something. Find out what your assigned achievement is and start achieving.

I have heard the best two days of your life are; the day you were born and the day you discover why. We all have the ‘born on date,” The day you realize that you have a destiny is a great day in your life. I have people tell me all the time that they don’t think they have a purpose or destiny. There is nothing farther from the truth. You, yes you, have a purpose and destiny. The only catch is; do you know your purpose and destiny? If yes, then should be on your way to a great life. If no, then there is no better day than today to know the truth about you. You do have a reason for being alive today. Stop listening to the lies of the enemy. Truth is, you are valuable and you do have what it takes. You have something to achieve with your life. Don’t delay another day. Are you achieving today?


May 26, 2013

Royal Treatment

The way to tell how mature you are is by the way you treat people who can’t do anything for you.

We can all be kind to the boss. He may give us a promotion. We can all be friendly to the popular person at school. If they like us, everybody will be our friend. That’s easy. But if we’re going to live the way God intends, we’ve got to learn to be good to everyone. When you go out of your way to encourage the person that everyone avoids, Jesus said, “It’s like you’re doing it unto Me.” Instead of rushing by the parking lot attendant you see at work each day, why don’t you take time to see how they’re doing? That person at the office that others ignore, why don’t you reach out to them and share your love?  Show love, show kindness, show them that you care. As you reach out and help others, just like a boomerang, that help will come right back to you, and you’ll move forward into the blessing and destiny He has prepared for you. How are you treating people today?


May 25, 2013

Be an Overcomer

The best way to overcome adversity is to perform, focus, and get completely wrapped up in your process.

Are you going through a situation in your life that you don’t quite understand? During these uncertain seasons, it’s natural to question things in your mind. But in order to move forward, we have to look forward with our hearts. We have to look beyond the questions and continue to trust in God.  Being an overcomer means we’re going to have some unanswered questions. You may never understand why a relationship ended sooner than you would have liked. You may never understand why you lost a loved one. You may never understand why you went through something difficult or why your prayers didn’t get answered. But at some point, you have to decide to put your questions aside and go on with God. We have to decide to trust His character even when our circumstances don’t make sense. The Bible tells us that adversity will come, but God is the one who promises to lead us into victory. He has promised that He’s going to turn that difficulty around and use it for your advantage. He is faithful to His Word, and you can be sure that He will fulfill every promise He’s made to you. Ae you an overcomer that is overcoming today?


May 24, 2013

No Self Pity

Stop wasting time pitying yourself, when you think times are tough. Instead, decide to do something about the tough times you are in.

What are you letting arise in your life today? In other words, what are you focusing your words, energy and thoughts on? You might say, “Scott, it’s just so hard right now. I’ve lost some money.” “My health doesn’t look good.” “Somebody walked out on me.” No, you’re focusing on the wrong things. You’re letting defeat, discouragement and self-pity rise up. Why don’t you turn that around and say, “God is still in control. Somebody may have walked out on me, I may be hurting right now, but I know God love me.” I may have lost money in the stock market, but I’m not worried. I know God is my provider.” Never let the negative, self-pity thoughts take over your mind. Stand up today and take control of your thoughts. Focus on the truth. Peace is yours today. Are you focusing on truth today?


May 23, 2013

Death Valley

You’ve probably experienced some tough times in the past, experiences that you felt were devastating at the time; don’t ever give up.

Have you ever gone through something and felt like it was the valley of the shadow of death? During the tough times, it’s easy to get discouraged. But remember the verse in the 23rd Psalm, “though I walk through…” No matter what you are facing today, know this: you are not alone, and you are just walking through. You don’t have to stop and live in the tough times! They are only temporary. I encourage you today; don’t allow fear to paralyze you in the middle of “the valley of the shadow of death.” Remember, God is with you. He is walking beside you. He is strengthening you. He is making a way of escape for you. He is lining up people and situations to bring you out of that tough place into a place of strength and victory. Today, don’t give up! Press on and walk through! Start to get a vision of your life on the other side. See yourself more loving, more faithful, stronger and more blessed than ever before. As you keep moving forward and walking through, you will get to the other side and walk in the victory God has prepared for you. Are you walking in the valley of the shadow of death today?

May 22, 2013

Pass on the Past

Don’t judge the past, even if the past just happened two minutes ago. Focus on the current task at hand.

When you think about your past, what events do you remember? What memories do you allow to play over and over in your mind? Back in the day, they had what they called memorial stones. These were used to remind the people about the good things God did in their lives — their victories. Today, we need to remind ourselves to focus on our victories, too. Sure, we’ve all had setbacks, but when you meditate on your disappointments and failures, it only drains you of valuable energy. It steals your confidence and joy. But when you focus on your victories, it builds your strength and confidence. It feeds your faith. It gives you a reason to give God praise. I encourage you today to get into the habit of focusing on your victories. Remember, every good and perfect gift comes from God. What are focusing on in your life today?


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