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July 31, 2022


Are you dealing out judgment or mercy to others.

When you see that young lady at the grocery store with a infant in the buggy and three small children along side; there is an opportunity for you. Her kids may be running around acting out of control. They may not be minding her and getting on your last nerve while you attempt to grocery shop. There is an opportunity for you. You have the opportunity to judge her. You would never let your children act like that. You would show them something. You could ask yourself; does she not discipline her kids. What does she think they are going to be like when they are grown. Somebody needs to do something and do something now to them. However, what you don’t know is; she is a single mom, working two jobs and still having trouble making ends meet. She is having to really focus on what she can buy because of her strict and limited budget. What you don’t know is she is doing the absolute best parenting job that she can do. She probably is doing a better job at what she is doing with what she has to work with than… So instead of judging her; how about going and paying for her groceries and allowing her to get more than she thought she could. Instead of condemning her; why not get her a babysitter so she can go out one night. You have an opportunity to judge or show mercy. Lets be quicker to show mercy than judge others. You can make a difference in a positive way today. Be a blessing. Are you being a positive difference today?

July 30, 2022


Have you ever spent time with a small child or baby and had them mimic your every sound or action?

To them it’s a fun game, but internally, they are learning by watching and copying everything you do. They just watch and do the same thing. That’s because we are all prewired to be imitators. Just like little children, we are all still imitators. So many people today end up imitating what they see in the world, on TV, in the news and magazines. But we need to imitate those that have gone before us and succeeded in what we want to succeed in. If you want to be a difference maker then be an imitator, not a copy cat, but do what they have done to succeed. If you need to change your actions today, change what you are imitating by simply changing your focus. Who are you imitating today?

July 29, 2022


The crisis your going through today could very well define your purpose in life.

We all face crisis and tough situations in life. There is no getting around that truth. However, some never go through the test. They are defined then as a person who quits, gives up, never finishes. I have been defined this way before in my life. But! There is the person who gets back up when knocked down, straightens themselves up and keeps moving forward until they are gone through the season. These people are defined as champions, purpose filled, difference makers. That is the definition that I want for myself and for you. I want to see you dusting yourself off and getting back on the path to your destiny. You have what it takes to make it through that situation you are facing today. Don’t back down! Don’t give up! Don’t quit! This is your day! What is your definition today?

July 28, 2022


Have you ever noticed that people tend to act differently around those they think can do something for them — people who appear to have status, wealth or influence in life?

I believe that the way we treat people is a test. At times, people will come into your life that may seem insignificant. They may not appear to be able to do anything for you, but in reality, they are divinely linked to your destiny. They hold the key to your destiny and purpose. Will you treat them with respect and honor even if you think they can’t do anything for you? The truth is, the people that we’re playing up to or trying to get their attention may be the ones that will open a door for us. But, they don’t hold the key to your destiny. Promotion doesn’t come from them. Promotion comes from God. And God will use the most unlikely people to open doors of opportunity for you — a hotel bellman, a maid, an intern, or an unpopular kid at school. Let’s pass the test and treat everyone like God put them in our path because He probably did. How are you treating people today?

July 27, 2022

Focused in Chaos

A Champion is never going to stand up in front waving a towel; he’s down at the end alone, focused and unemotional.

When you are the greatest of the great you aren’t showing off. You aren’t all rah rah, but you are already preparing for the next play. There isn’t time for all the theatrics. There are other people that have that responsibility. It’s not to say that you never show emotion, but only when you have finished the job. Then it’s not all the jumping around and screaming and hollering. You acknowledge that you have won and start preparing for the next level, Being a Champion is not like being like everyone else. To be at that level requires you to stay intensely focused, staying cool, and doing work. It is your place to be the one who stays in the game and keeps others there too. I hear all the time, ‘I can’t do it, it’s too hard.’ Yeah, it’s going to be hard but you welcome it. You are relentless at what you do. Practice keeping your cool and focus in the heat of the battle. When others are getting all emotional, you are at your best and getting the job done. Are you focused in the midst of chaos today?

July 26, 2022

Bouncing Back

Your life is not over because you had a setback.

When you go through tough times, don’t be surprised if your mind talks to you in a negative way, “You’ll never be as happy as you used to be. You’ve seen your best days. This setback is the end of you.” No, let that go in one ear and out the other. However, you have to turn it around and say, “After the bad break, after the disappointment, after the pain, there is still a full life.” Know today that you have not danced your best dance. You have not laughed your best laugh. You have not dreamed your best dream. If you will stay strong and don’t quit, know that there is an “after this” in your future. Stay strong and positive. Your destiny and purpose are too awesome. Are you ready to bounce back today?

July 25, 2022


You are going to find success through your process.

If you desire to be successful, which includes being significant, you will have to develop and work your process. People are sometimes called an ‘overnight success.’ Those people will tell you that was the longest night of their life. Success comes with a price, the price is paid in working your process. It includes spirit, soul and body. Your process has to address each area. By addressing all three areas you stay in balance. Balance is overlooked sometimes when we are striving to be the best. Developing and tweaking your process will assure that you stay in balance as you journey toward your destiny. If you don’t have a process for your life, your purpose, your destiny then it’s time to get one working. Let me know if I can help you in any way develop your process for purpose.

July 24, 2022


Your words have creative power.

With your words, you can either bless your future or curse your future. If you want to know what your life is going to be like five years from now, just listen to what you’re saying about yourself today. Too many people go around saying, “I’ll never get well. I’ll never get out of debt.” “It’s flu season. I’ll probably get it.” “This marriage is never going to last.” Then they wonder why they don’t see things turn around. It’s because they’re calling defeat into their future. They’re calling in mediocrity. Don’t let that be you! When you wake up in the morning, no matter how you feel or what things look like, instead of using your words to describe your situation, use your words to change your situation. Make a declaration by saying, “This is going to be a great day.” When you do that, you are choosing to bless your future. You are calling in purpose and opportunities. What are you saying today?

July 23, 2022


Adversity will come in many forms though out life, no matter what the situation, we must be able to handle it.

We hear about adversity all the time. It’s not if but when it comes. How you deal with it determines a lot about you. I get a lot of questions about dealing with adversity. Ignoring adverse situations is not dealing with it. Some attempt to bury their head in the sand and hope the situation will go away. This will not work! The best way to deal with adversity is to meet it head on. Get the best perspective of what is going on and make a plan. Then work your plan or your process to handle the situation. The more actively you work through adversity the better at it you will get. Just because you may have been knocked down; don’t stay down. Giving up is not an option when dealing with life situations. There is nothing that is too hard for you overcome. If you are afraid, then do it afraid. Never let fear get in the way. Today is your time to start dealing with adversity in a positive way. Are you ready?

July 22, 2022


The root system is your character, by patiently building your character, you prepare yourself to be tough when adversity comes.

When adversity comes, it will come, how do you do know if you will be tough enough? Your character will determine how tough you are. It is your character that will get you through the tough seasons in your life. If you are in a difficult situation today and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better; check your character. I’m not saying if you are facing adversity that you don’t have good character. I’m saying that your character will determine how you deal with the adversity. Your character is your foundation. Your foundation is what determines how strong you are. Start building your character today in order to be strong when the tough times come your way. While others around you are struggling you will be the strength they are looking for. Be the difference maker in the tough times. Are you building strong character today?

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