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January 27, 2021

Gloria and me

January 27, 2021

My girls

January 24, 2021

The Mind’s Eye

When you think about your future, what do you see in your mind’s eye?

Maybe at one time you were excited about your life — you had big goals and big dreams, but you went through some disappointments or life didn’t turn out the way you planned and now you’ve just settled where you are. Understand, just because you had some disappointments and setbacks or because somebody treated you unfairly. You haven’t been written you off just because you made some poor decisions. No matter what’s happened in your past, the plan for your good remains. There is still has a bright future in store for you. If you will get your hopes back and get your vision in line with the truth, then the rest of your life will be the best of your life! Keep standing, keep believing and get a vision for your future. Are you ready for an amazing life?

January 23, 2021

The Champion’s Mark

Never satisfied, never content, always pushing higher and higher is the mark of a Champion.

Being unstoppable means you never let up. Always looking for ways to get better. A Champion is a Champion because they never give up. If you’re going to be the best at what you do then you can never be content where you are. You are learning and growing everyday. As we continue toward your goals, I want to encourage you to make the changes to be a Champion. There is something you do that no one can do like you do. You have a gift/talent that was given to you for a reason. To be the difference in someone’s life. Are you ready to be a Champion?

January 22, 2021

A Miracle

If you want to be great, deliver the unexpected. If you want to be the best, deliver a miracle.

When you’re told; it can’t be done or there’s no way you can do it; thats when you step up to Champion level. When there seems to be no way; you make a way. You don’t listen to those that are doubters or unbelievers. You make them watch you accomplish the task at hand. Being unstoppable you don’t think like those people. You don’t think limits, barely good enough, or can’t do it. You step up and get it done; no questions asked. Notice the true Champions, those that are Champions for years. They don’t do a lot of talking. They aren’t the ones trying to fire everyone up. They are the ones that just do the work and move on. They don’t bring attention to themselves with their words as much as with their positive winning actions. You are in the miracle delivering business in whatever it is you do. Be the difference in someone’s life today and you will be a Champion. Be relentless in making the life’s of others better. Are you ready to deliver a miracle today?

January 21, 2021

Your Champion Attitude

There’s an old saying, “attitude determines altitude.”

In other words, a positive, Champion attitude will cause you to rise higher in life, but a negative, self-defeated attitude will only drag you down. When we face adversity, our attitude affects the outcome. Are we going to treat people right even when we’re being mistreated? Are we going to stay strong even when the bottom falls out? So many people get all bent out of shape and start complaining when things don’t go their way, but that kind of attitude only closes the door to your getting to the top. Keep an attitude of getting better. As you stand strong, you’ll rise higher. You’ll come out stronger and wiser, and you will experience the Champion life you were created for. This is your time to be at your best. Don’t wait another day! Let’s get started. Are you ready to develop a Champion attitude?

January 19, 2021

Mind Trains

Being a Champion is being feared and respected for your mental strength and toughness, not just your physical abilities.

The higher you go in whatever you do, the less the physical talent has to do with you staying there. At the highest levels everyone is talented. However, the major difference comes in the form of mental toughness. Whoever has prepared mentally has the edge, the advantage. Mental conditioning is a must if you are going to be a Champion. People take it for granted how important their mental training is. It is not an add-on or an extra. It is part of the process. A huge part of the process. If you aren’t working on your mental game today, then I encourage you to start. Don’t come up short in your destiny because you didn’t prepare mentally. Train your mind to be unstoppable. When your body is wanting to quit, your mind says we are just getting started. Be relentless mentally and you will be unstoppable physically. Your mind is what will enable you to be a Champion or keep you from being one. Are you training your mind today?

January 18, 2021

Difficult Things

When things get difficult, it’s easy to want to give up.

It’s easy to get down and discouraged. But, that’s not the plan for us. I want us to be so full of hope, so full of expectancy that we just can’t help believing for the best. I want us to be prisoners of hope! When you’re a prisoner of something, it’s like you’re chained to it. In other words, you can’t get away from it. I know people that are prisoners of fear, prisoners of worry, prisoners of doubt. You’ve heard them. “Nothing good ever happens to me.” “It’s never going to change. It’s just been too long.” No, you’re chained to the wrong thing. You need to break those chains and become a prisoner of hope. That means that no matter how long it’s taking, no matter how impossible it looks, our attitude should be, “I just can’t help it. I know it’s going to work out. I know I’m going to overcome. It may be taking a long time, but I know this too shall pass. It may be difficult, but I know that means I’m closer to my victory because I am a prisoner of hope!” Are you a prisoner of hope today?

January 11, 2021

Your Intensity

Whenever life gets difficult and it seems like the intensity has been turned up, that’s a sign you are closer to being a Champion.

When those lies are in your mind, when you’re tempted to get discouraged or feel like throwing in the towel, that’s not the time to back down. That’s the time to dig your heels in and put on a new attitude because you are closer to your victory. Maybe you’ve had a lot of things come against you. It seems like the more you try the worse it gets. You’re doing the right thing, but the wrong thing is happening. The easy thing is to say, “Forget it. I don’t have to put up with this.” “This marriage is never going to work.” “I’ll never be able to raise this child.” Or, “I don’t like this job.” No, instead of getting discouraged, instead of going around sour and bitter, you need to say, “I’ve come too far to stop now. I’ve been through too much to back down. I realize the reason the intensity has been turned up is because I’m about to experience my victory!” Keep standing, keep believing, keep hoping and stay strong even when the intensity gets turned up! How intense is your life today?

January 10, 2021

Expecting It

Champions rarely congratulate you for doing your job; they just expect you to do it.

If you are a Champion you don’t hand out “you showed up” trophies. Relentless people expect you to do what you are supposed to do and to do it at your best. A Champion will not tolerate someone that takes plays off, doesn’t try to make every sell, doesn’t study their best for every test. Champion mindset is that if they are doing their absolute best every day; then you should too. It’s not about talent, it’s about the effort. It doesn’t take talent to show up and be unstoppable. It’s a mental thing more than a physical thing. So there is no excuse for you or me not to show up every day and be the best at what we do. Being relentless no more your talent level. Not looking for someone to tell you ‘good job’ when you do your job. You have Champion ability inside you. Today is your day to step up and be that Champion. Are you ready to dominate the day?

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