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Monthly Archives: May 2011

May 31, 2011

Are You Stopped Up

Do you feel stopped up today? Is something clogging up an area in your life? Are you living a blessed life right now? Is something stopping the blessing from your life? If so, let’s clean out the blessing area in our life today.

I don’t think there is anyone who does not want to live a blessed life.  Even those that don’t believe in blessings still seem to want to be blessed.  If we want to be blessed we have to keep our lives pure and clean. The same if you want to keep your heart blessed in the physical, you have to eat clean and pure foods.  So if you want to have your life blessed in spirit, soul and body areas you have to keep those areas clean and pure.  None of us are perfect but we can be clean and pure.  As I write this, I can think of things in my life that are have to go in order to keep the blessing strong and active in my life.  I encourage you today to do a blessing inventory in your life.  If you see blockage in an area, then clean it out and up.  Be blessed today!

May 30, 2011

But Forgivers

I have learned that forgiveness really doesn’t take a whole lot of love, but restoring that person; now that puts my love to the test.  I haven’t always pass the test, but I will keep taking it til I do.

For many of us when it comes to forgiveness we are but forgivers. We will say, “I forgive you, but…”  There is a condition, for most that condition is; we don’t restore that person.  Forgiveness is quick, immediate and complete, but restoration is a process.  It is a process that we go through in the trust area.  Can the person be trust again? Most of that is on their shoulders.  If they work to restore their integrity; then I see no reason why we don’t work to restore trust and restoration in them.  However, for some restoration is not an option.  I can understand if the person doesn’t make any attempt to change, then restoration is limited.  If we are completely honest though, I think we can see where most folk do want to be restored and will work on their part.  It is a two way street here, so let’s work on our part of restoring.  There has been or will come a time when we will desire to be restored.  Sow restoration seed today and we will reap restoration in our life too.

May 29, 2011

Filling That Void

Filling that empty void in your life can be a frustrating and discouraging experience.  Many of us how been there and know what it is like to be looking for that something but not able to find it.

You may be in that place right now, looking for that something in your life, if not, I am sure you remember a time when you had this feeling.  We all can relate to being at a place in our life when we were desperately looking for answers, for peace, for love, for security, for that one thing.  Many times we go in many different directions looking for the right place.  If you are looking for that place, for that something today, then I can tell you that you are not alone; I have been right there with you.  Be careful where you look and what you look for to fill that void.  For me and millions of others; Jesus is the answer.  He will fill that void with His love, His peace, His hope, His security; just to mention a few things.  He will never let you down or disappoint you.  He will never abandon you.  

May 28, 2011

Love and Relationship

If you don’t have relationship with others; then others won’t trust or believe what you say.  The same is true if we don’t believe that God loves us, we won’t believe His Word for us.  

It is a basic truth in all of us; in that we won’t have faith in someone if we don’t believe they love us.  We all want to be loved, even the toughest acting person around, we all want to be loved.  If those around us don’t feel love from us, then they won’t believe anything positive and encouraging that we say to them.  Know that God does love you; He is love.  You can believe His Word toward you.  The real question comes when we look at each other.  Do we believe others and do others believe our words? Check your love and relationship levels.  My actions and words haven’t always demonstrated love and relationship, however, I am working diligently on changing that each day.  I only say the truth and what I really believe to you and others.  Let’s encourage each other and those around us.  Lift others up today with your love and relationship filled words.  

May 27, 2011

Planting Words

We have heard, ‘what goes around comes around,’ ‘we will reap what we sow,’ and other sayings similar to these.  So what we plant will grow.  What kinda seeds are you planting in others today?

Let’s take a look at the type of words, which are our seeds, that we are sowing into other folks lives today.  Are we sowing encouraging words or negative words. Are we planting seeds of life or death? Are we uplifting others with our words or do we tear folk down with our words? Do we speak words of fact or words of truth?  Are we helping or hurting others with our words.  We are doing one or the other, which is it today? Listen to your words and check them today. Make sure you are planting good, positive, uplifting, healthy, and truthful words today.  They will come back to visit you in harvest time.   

May 26, 2011

Truthful Thinking

We see the term, ‘positive thinking,’ but I prefer the term, ‘truthful thinking.’ This is believing and knowing the truth.  Rather than just thinking of how wonderful we are; let’s think about how blessed we are.

The way we can do this is to eliminate the negative thoughts from our mind.  We can do this also by eliminating the fearful thoughts from our mind.  When the truth is the deciding factor in our thought life, we will eliminate the negativity and the fear from our life.  Fear and negative thoughts will lead to negative and fearful actions. The facts will often times mislead us and they often times change from day to day, but the truth will not let us down or betray us.  Let’s begin today to get the fear and negative thought patterns out of our lives.  Let’s begin to seek out the truth in our life.  

May 25, 2011

Fear or Faith

Removing fear from our life will make a big difference for the good.  Fear and faith can’t stay in the same mind.  We either will have fear or we will have faith in control of our mind and actions.

If we listen to the world, the news, the radio we hear so many fear based reports.  Not saying it is intentional, but the stuff they are reporting is based on the fear emotion.  What are we basing our decisions on; fear based or faith based reports? I suggest that we based our decisions on truth and faith based reports.  Remember, truth always overrides fact.  Faith is more powerful than fear, but we have to renew our mind to the truth and have faith in the truth.  Remove the fear from your life and see the changes that take place.  Stand on the truth and you will be standing long after everyone else is gone. 

May 24, 2011

Two Questions

What do expect to get out of life? What do you expect to give into life? The answers to these two questions will reveal a lot to you. These answers will answer a bunch of questions you may have been asking yourself.

Most of the time we are looking at what we can get out of life.  For a long time I looked at people from the perspective of what they could do for me.  I never looked at life as to what could I give, but always from the what could I get point of view.  Why not make today the today we start giving and not be concerned with the getting, because when we give we will receive.  When we sow good seed, we will reap a good harvest.  Give without reservation or agenda.  It more than good enough to know that God will take care of His own.  Be a giver into the lives of others and see your own life blessed beyond measure.  

May 23, 2011

Storms of Life

Everyone faces the storms of life. Sometimes we have the faith to be delivered from the storms instantly; sometimes we have the faith to walk through the storms.  No matter which route you take, you can be sure that God is right there with you. He will equip you and sustain you. He will give you the grace, the supernatural empowerment, to make it through.

Today, maybe you are facing a storm and can’t quite see a way out. Maybe you’re not sure what the answer is. All you have to do is take it one step at a time by saying, “God, I know You have a good plan for my future.” “God, I am doing better today than I was yesterday.” “God, I know You are leading and guiding me.” With every step you take, know that God is doing a work in your life. Know that He is with you, and He will comfort you. Keep moving forward. Keep taking those steps of faith and keep walking through the storm into the place of victory He has prepared for you!

May 22, 2011

A Living Demonstration

It is amazing how when some people go through something in their life; how they treat others that are going through the same or something similar.  It is amazing sometimes how little grace, mercy and love they show.

We check our grace, mercy, and love at the door too often.  Why is it some feel like they are better or superior to those that are right where they were in life? We all have issues and stuff that we have to deal with.  So rather than being critical of others; we got to love others.  It is in the little things that we can show love.  We can do so much more in the lives of those around us when we demonstrate love, mercy, and grace.  Remember when you were in the same situation; how awesome it was or would have been if someone had shown you the love of God.  Be a walking, living, breathing demonstration of mercy, grace and love to someone today.

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