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August 31, 2012

To the Curb

Your purpose and identity are interlinked. Not exactly the same thing but they are connected.

When you discover your purpose you will also discover who you are. Both are critical to living a full life. If you find that your life is not what you had thought it would be like then let’s find your purpose and then you will find your identity. If you haven’t lived out your dreams yet, then find your purpose. If you are just plain bored with your life then find your purpose and live a little. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is; if God told you to take the garbage to the curb then take the garbage to the curb. That trip to the curb will be the most exciting adventure you will ever go on. Just do what God has given you to do. Don’t limit your thinking. Get out of the box and let your mind run free. Your life does not have to limited to just the here and now. You have much more the offer. I am excited about your purpose and identity.  You have an awesome life yet to live; begin today. Are you still searching for your purpose? Ready to find your identity too?


August 30, 2012

Why Not Today

Life is a process and it’s tough. Stop complaining, feeling sorry for yourself, and make up your mind to be healthy, healed, and happy.

Sounds like I am being mean, but really I am not. There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to face life head on. There comes a day when we all have to be responsible for where we are in life. Blaming others, complaining, pity parties will no longer be acceptable. You may have had some tough breaks in your life that were not directly due to anything you did. Nevertheless, here you are. Now it’s time to start the healing process and get back up on your feet. No more waiting for someone to do it for you. Today is your day to begin a fresh and new adventure. There is no one that can do this for you. You have to take charge of your own inner self. Be determined to healthy, healed and happy.  Why wait another minute? You have what it takes. You are courageous enough, smart enough and good enough. Don’t let your past experiences hold you back another second. Get up! Today is your day for a break through into your purpose and destiny in life. Have you been feeling sorry for yourself? Are you ready to make a change today?

August 29, 2012

Who Am I

Ask someone how they doing and what do they say; “Fine” even when nothing is fine and everything is falling apart in their life. When you don’t have meaning in your life it is hard to enjoy your life. If you don’t know “who” you are admit it, but then take the time to find the meaning for your life. Take the time to find your purpose, your passion, your destiny. When you are trying to find the meaning to your life; it may look like nothing is ever going to happen. You may think you will never find the answer to the question; “who am I”?  Don’t be discouraged if you are struggling with this today. Everybody goes through this season at one time or another. Some people go through this season more than once in their life. Take the mask off and be real about where you are in life, the season that you are in, and what you are struggling with today. When we are honest, open and real we will have less stress and be more apt to find the answers to these life questions.  Do you know “who” you are today? Are you struggling with these life questions?

August 28, 2012

See Past Your Pain Podcast/Blog

When people hurt me, help me to see past my own pain and see their pain. Help me to love and forgive them.

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If you ever interact with other people you will be hurt, because hurting people hurt people. Most everybody has been hurt, is hurt, or will be hurt. Oftentimes these people will hurt you in an area that you are hurting in. They can tell you are still sore there and go for that place. Then you react to them by hurting them back in the area that they are hurting in too. This vicious cycle continues and goes on and on and on. There is no end to it; unless you decide to step out of this hurt cycle. How do you step out? See past your own pain; recognize their pain; then love and forgive them.  It takes a very secure person to do this. One who desires to be healed and wants to help others heal. This would be the person that take the path less traveled. This is the person that takes forgiveness, love, and mercy to a whole new level. Yeah, I desire to be this person. I am not quite there yet on a consistent basis, but I am getting closer everyday. You too can do this. Make the decision today to see past your own hurts, and see others through the eyes of love, forgiveness, and mercy. Be a giver of grace. Is there someone who is hurting you now? Will you see past your pain in order to love and forgive them?

August 27, 2012

Your Moment

Have you had an experience in your life that “wrecked you”? Been transformed into a new a whole new life. It’s horrible, painful and ugly, but so wonderful and awesome.

If you ever plan on making a difference, living out your destiny, having a purpose in your life; then you will have a wrecked moment. If you ever plan on fulfilling God’s calling on your life; get ready for a wrecked moment. These moments in your life are never pretty or cute, but they will make you into the person you were created to be. Never back out of your wrecked moment. Never stop before the process is over. When it’s done it will be the greatest moment of your life. You will never regret going through your wrecked moment. You may not enjoy it while it is going on, but when you look on the other side and see where you will be… When you understand who you will be once you have gone through the process; you will start looking for your wrecked moment. You will be expecting it, anticipating it. If you are ready to live your destiny; then get ready for your wrecked moment; it’s coming. Are you ready for your wrecked moment?

August 26, 2012

Passion and Purpose

I want to embrace my passions even more and direct them toward a greater purpose.

I believe that everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Your purpose in life isn’t just to take care of yourself at the expense of everyone else. You have been called to a higher purpose. Your life is not all about you. You have a passion, something you love to do more than anything else. Take that passion to a higher and greater level. Use your passion to fulfill your purpose. Don’t settle for anything less than fulfilling your destiny. Not sure what your purpose is all about? Then your passions will lead you to it. Use the gift, the passions, the talent that you have been given and use it for a greater purpose. Know that you have a great purpose in life. You have greatness inside of you. Begin to explore your passions and purpose today. What greater purpose can you fulfill today?

August 25, 2012

Relationship Insecurity

Insecure people will try to control their relationships to make it look like they are secure.

Have you ever had someone try to control you in a friendship? Made you think that they had it all together all the time and the fact that you didn’t made them stronger than you? We all have at some time. However, chances are the person was insecure and attempted to hide that by controlling the relationship. We all have insecurities of one kind or another. It is important that we don’t use our insecurities or let someone use theirs to control a relationship. Any relationship that is in this category will be not last and will not be healthy. Check yourself and make sure that you are not on either side of this issue. No time like today to make some changes in your friendships. If someone is trying to control you because of their insecurities it may mean you letting that person go for a period of time. If you are the one doing the controlling then release control by releasing the insecurity. Is there a relationship you are in now that is being controlled by insecurities?

August 24, 2012

The Baggage of Lies

The baggage we carry that builds strongholds in our life is based on lies. When we believe the truth; the strongholds are exposed.

There are so many people believing the lies of the enemy. When you believe the lies  for so long; you will build strongholds in your life. These strongholds are not healthy and will destroy your life. Anytime you establish your foundation on lies you have been told and led to believe; there will be no peace, joy, hope or love in your life. You will struggle in all of your relationships, because you don’t have the truth. However, there is good news! If this is you, you don’t have to stay this way any longer. When you recognize that you have strongholds built on lies then you can begin to tear them down. Establish your foundation on the truth, not facts, not lies. Not all facts are lies, but all lies are facts. The truth will be the truth no matter the situation you are facing. Build your life on and in the truth about you. There is no room for the lies of the enemy in your life any longer. Today, not tomorrow, but today is the day to lay hold of the truth. Learn the truth about your life. What does God say about you; not what the world says about you. No more feeling sorry for yourself, no more insecurity about yourself. What is the truth about you? What has God said about you?

August 23, 2012

Baggage of Guilt

Guilt can enter into your life so easily, you might not even notice. The baggage of guilt has major consequences.

When you allow guilt to hang around it will control your life. Guilt will rob you of your destiny if allowed to stay in your life. Everyone that is alive has a past, some not so good. You may have done some things in your past that you still are carrying the guilt. This guilt will be quiet until you begin to do something that makes a difference; then it pops up. It will remind you of what you did 30 years ago and 3 days ago. This guilt will cause you to stop doing some thing that will make a difference in someones life. Today is the day to get rid of the baggage of guilt. Go to God; ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. Clean the record, clean your mind, clean your past. When the guilt tries to come back into your mind, don’t open the door to it. Don’t let the baggage of guilt back into your life ever again. You are forgiven, you are clean, you don’t need any guilt anymore. Today is the day to say “Goodbye” to your guilt. Are you carrying around guilt for something in your past? Are you ready today to let the guilt go?

August 22, 2012

Your Baggage

Don’t become a prisoner of your baggage by believing a lie. God still loves you, can free you and will restore you!

Many people today are carrying around baggage from their past. They don’t think they can lay it down and walk away from it. Are you carrying baggage from your past today? The baggage of guilt, regret, anger, unforgiveness are some examples of stuff you make be carrying around. Often times you may attempt to get rid of the baggage, you may have prayed about it, gotten counsel about it, and possibly even tried to ignore it. However, right now can loaded down with this excess baggage. Baggage that you were not designed to carry. Baggage with weigh you down to a point where you can’t go any farther. That is the enemy’s reasoning behind loading you with this baggage. It is to keep you from living your life of purpose. It is to make you think you don’t have a destiny. There is only one way to get rid of your baggage once and for all. You have to lay it down and believe that God has forgiven you and does not hold it against you. Change your mindset. God is not against you. He loves you and does not want you carrying it. He will take it from you and give you freedom. Is there baggage in your life today that you need to lay down? Are you being weighted down with unnecessary stuff?

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