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Monthly Archives: January 2024

January 31, 2024

Stop Whining

There are a lot of average people walking around who have Champion buried inside them, but are not trained or willing to do the work needed.

Being average is a choice. You were created to be a Champion. You have the seeds of greatness inside you. However, you have to do the work to grow the seeds. It takes work to be a Champion. You have to do the work and the training to bring it out. It is hard work, takes sacrifice and discipline. Don’t take the easy way out. Do what you do to be great. It is truly disappointing knowing that so many people go their grave with never bringing out the relentless Champion out. It’s not too hard. You have what it takes. You can do this. There are people around you that will be there to help you. Then in time you will be able to help those around you too. Take the time to do the work to be unstoppable. No more excuses. No more whining. Are you doing the work to be a Champion today?

January 30, 2024

Competing With Others

It’s easy to be tempted to go through life competing with everyone around us when we see someone who’s more talented, better looking or has more gifts.

Instead of running our race and being comfortable with who we are, oftentimes, we feel inferior and think, “I’ve got to catch up to them.” The problem with this unhealthy competition is that it’s a never-ending cycle. There will always be someone ahead of us. But, it’s a very freeing thing when you realize, “I’m not competing with you. I don’t have to have as big a house as my neighbor to feel good about myself. I don’t have to keep up with my co-worker. I don’t have to be a certain size. No, I understand that I’m not in competition with my friend, my neighbor or my co-worker. Instead, I’m going to be the best me that I can possibly be.” Be the difference in the world today. You are a Champion and it’s time to be the Champion you you were created to be. Are you ready today to be the best?

January 29, 2024

The Dark Zone

Champions have a dark side, and a zone you can’t enter.

They get what they want, but they pay for it in solitude. There is a place that a Champion goes to be the best. However, very few ever make it to this place. You have what it takes to go to that place. It is your dark side, your zone. The dark side isn’t a bad place. It is the place where you at the very best. It is rare air, because so few are willing to do the work to go there. Some have a fear of going there because of the unknown. Today, is your day to discover your dark side, the zone that will take you to your greatest of the greatest. It doesn’t matter what it is you do, be the greatest of all time. Be the Champion that you were created to be. Have you made the changes necessary to be the best? Are you entering into your dark side yet?

January 28, 2024

Ready To Go

What are you looking at today?

Not in the natural, but with your minds eye. In other words, what is in the forefront of your mind? Are you constantly thinking about your problems or things that have happened in your past? In the natural, you will move in the direction that your eyes are looking. Mentally it works the same way. Whatever you focus your mind on, you will move toward. That’s why you need to look straight ahead. If you are constantly thinking about your past, wondering “what if,” then you will stay right where you are. But if you choose to release the past through forgiveness, then you can focus on what is ahead of you. Forget the past, good and bad, and fix your gaze straight ahead so you can move forward into the life you were created for. Are you ready to move forward today?

January 27, 2024

Don’t Stop

If you’re good, it means you don’t stop until you’re great.

If you’re great, it means you fight until you’re unstoppable. Be a Champion.If you are going to be a Champion you have to be unstoppable. There is no top because you keep raising the standard. You never stop learning and growing. You work at what you do every day. There are no days off from improving. Keep looking for ways to get better. Never satisfied. Not content with the level that you’re at. There is always something new to be discovered. When others think thy have made it and stop working, you pass them up. Being a Champion means you are in it for the long run. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t let those around you discourage you. Everyone isn’t going to do what it takes to be their best. You have what it takes. You have Champion material inside you. Do the work to bring it out. Are you ready to be unstoppable today?

January 26, 2024


Never satisfied, never content, always pushing higher and higher is the mark of a Champion.

Being unstoppable means you never let up. Always looking for ways to get better. A Champion is a Champion because they never give up. If you’re going to be the best at what you do then you can never be content where you are. You are learning and growing everyday. As we continue toward your goals, I want to encourage you to make the changes to be a Champion. There is something you do that no one can do like you do. You have a gift/talent that was given to you for a reason. To be the difference in someone’s life. Are you ready to be a Champion?

January 25, 2024

The Mission

Champions lock in on their mission and stop at nothing to execute it; they know what has to be done, and it gets done.

Being relentless and unstoppable means you will get the job done no matter what comes against you. Champions will eliminate distractions that try to stop them from accomplishing their goal. Those that have decided not to be the best of the greatest are not locked in, allow the distractions and the adversity to stop them from finishing. You don’t stop until the job is done and then you actually keep going. There is no stopping in someone who is unstoppable. Do what you need to do to get locked in so good that nothing can stop you. It is going to take this level of focus to be a Champion in whatever it is you do. You have what it takes to be the one who stands above the rest and leads the way. Never let anyone convince you otherwise. They are too late to try to get you to believe you’re not Champion material. You are more than good enough to be the greatest of the best. Let’s get started today in fulfilling your purpose and destiny in life. You will never be disappointed that you took this step. Are you ready to be locked and loaded today?

January 17, 2024

Face Your Fear

Being a Champion is about facing your fears, getting rid of fears that would cause you will fail.

To be unstoppable you have to face your fears and get over them. Fear is the thing that stops people from being the best. A Champion is the person who overcomes fear and becomes the best. There are always going to fear of something but you don’t entertain the fear. You stop it before it stops you. Fear is in the mind so you have to defeat it in your mind. To be the best you can’t allow fear to get in the way. You have to make your fears, fear you. Take charge of your thoughts and get the fear out. Focus your thoughts on the truth which is not fear based. Fear has stopped those that would have gone on to be the best. Don’t let that be you. Today you move past your fears and become the best. No Fear! It’s time to be the difference in the world around you. Are you ready to move past your fear?

January 16, 2024

New Gear to Next Level

Relentless is about finding the next gear that gets you to the next level…even when the next level doesn’t yet exist.

As a Champion you are always pushing the envelope. You are creating new levels of greatness. There is nothing that can stop you. There is greatness inside of you. Just because something doesn’t exist yet, when it comes time you will create it. The next level is always there for you. A lot of times as a Champion you have to make the rules, because the rules for that level haven’t been made yet. You are in uncharted waters most of the time. This is a major reason that most never take their lives to the next level. They are afraid of the unknown. Fear is the biggest enemy to those that trying and not doing. You have to be able to move forward even when you haven’t been there before. It is exciting to know that you are exploring new territory. You have to be unstoppable in your purpose. Your destiny is one of greatness and truly exciting. Don’t stay in the same place forever. Take it to the next level. Be the Champion you were created to be. Start today if you haven’t already. Are you ready to go to the next level today?

January 15, 2024

Relentless Never Satisfied

Relentless is about never being satisfied, always driving to be the best, and then getting even better.

I tell people to go their highest and then keep going. When you get the top keep raising the bar. There is no limit to how good you can be. There is no lid on your purpose and where it can and will take you. Don’t let fear hold you down. You were built for greatness. You were created to be the very best. So few ever reach their destined place. They let fear, cares, and doubt stop them. Don’t be that person. Be the example for others to follow. Be the difference. Set the standard. Never allow yourself to think you have arrived. There is no finish line in your purpose. When you reach your determined point in life then you will step over into your afterlife, which never ends either. That’s a entire different story. While you are here it is your purpose to live with purpose. Be your very best every day all day. Never take a day off from your purpose. Do something every day to get better. Are you being relentless today?

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