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Monthly Archives: February 2011

February 28, 2011

Joined Together

02 28 11 Monday

We are now two months into 2011. I hope that it has been a great year so far for you.  There are some exciting things going on this year and I do want you to be a part of them.  You have so much to offer.

We have to get ourselves in position to both receive the great things this year has to offer and to give to others what we have to offer.  We all have issues that we have to face in order for us to be position.  There is no time like today to confront those issues and make the changes necessary in your life.  I believe with all my heart this is going to be the greatest year of your life.  However, we have to address our issues and make the changes for that to happen.  There may be addictions in your life that need to be broken. It could be mindsets that need to be changed.  What ever the case, make the decision today to face the giants in your life.  You are not alone in your struggle.  There are folk around you right now that are battling too.  They may have another fight, but we fight together.  Don’t be ashamed of your struggle.  Don’t let it overwhelm you either.  Together we stand; because if we are divided we will fall.


February 27, 2011

Do You Hear It

02 27 11 Sunday

Listen; do you hear that? Listen again, I know you can hear it.  It is the voice of folk crying out. There are people crying out for help, for understanding, for hope, for love, for someone to just listen to them.  Do you hear it now?

I often talk about folk hurting and that we should be there for others.  This has really been ringing in my ears for several days now.  I struggled for several days in a mental battle, that finally did break.  Then there was this; people calling out for help.  Not necessarily in an audible voice but from their heart; their spirit.  When we take time to really listen it can be over whelming.  We all know what it feels like to hurt. Some to the point that they feel like it is a way of life.  Some don’t think they will ever have a day when they aren’t hurting mentally, spiritually, and even physically.  The mental pain that we feel can be the worse.  There seems to be no relief in sight for some.  All their crying out does not seem to get them get them any better.  I don’t have any special words or power to make anyone feel better.  I know what is like to be the one crying out for help; I think we all do. There is hope for you.  Your crying out has been heard; you are not alone, not by yourself.  I have said before that I pray for my partners everyday. You are being prayed for, I stand with you. Get that hope alive and never give up.

February 26, 2011

Love for All

02 26 11 Saturday

If I wrote the best selling book of all time, had the most popular blog ever, and spoke to millions of folk at a time, but didn’t have love, it would all be for nothing. Love is the foundation, the support, and the covering for everything we do.

I am firm believer in that we should be the best “us” we can be.  I adhere to self-discipline, inspiration, motivation and all that goes with it.  I believe we all have greatness, significance, purpose, and destiny inside us.  All of that said, without love it is all for nothing.  Love is the key to everything we do.  It matters not how great we become; if we don’t have love, we have become nothing.  It doesn’t matter what we accomplish, if we do it without having love, then what do we have.  For all that we do; love has to be the motive, the reason why we do it.  All we ever get done will be thrown away if it isn’t done for the reason of love.  I know that I really have to look at all I do.  Am I doing stuff for the right reason; love.  Not just loving what I do, but do I love those I do it for.  Check your agenda and reason for what you say and do. The reason/agenda will be revealed in the end. Make sure you are on the side of love.


February 25, 2011

Truth be Known

02 25 11 Friday

I am more interested in knowing the truth; more than I am the facts or what I see.    When dealing with rejection, unforgiveness, betrayal, or what ever issue; I have to know the truth about myself or I will fall victim to the facts.

The way we can stay out of traps is to know the truth.  It has been said, the truth will set you free.  It is also true that the truth will keep you free.  What is the truth about you? About me? What truth’s do we need to keep in the forefront of our mind? The number one truth for me and maybe for you too is: I am loved and I am lovable.  Also, I have to know that I am forgiven.  No matter how ragged my past may be; I know that I have been forgiven.  I have to know that I do have purpose.  These are just three of the truth’s that I have to know about me.  You may have others, but these probably resinate with you too.  You are loved, forgiven and have purpose.  It’s one thing to know this as fact, but get in down deep as unshakeable, unmovable, and unchangeable truth.  This will keep us from being down, depressed and messed up.  Get these truth’s down inside and never let them go.  Truth is truth no matter what the facts say or what the circumstances look like.  We can stand on truth at all times. Truth will never let us down.


February 24, 2011

Line in the Sand

02 24 11 Thursday

Today I take a stand against all the mental attacks. I have had enough, not just for my sake, but for those of you that have been under mental attack too.  I have made my stand, a line in the sand.

There comes a time when we have to say; ‘enough is enough,’ and not take it any longer. The enemy of our mind is a bully, but we are stronger.  Together we will stand strong.  What he does is get us all in our own little situation; isolated from everyone else.  Gets us to thinking that nobody else ever goes through this, nobody feels the way you do, and so on.  That’s a lie! We are together in this destiny walk and we won’t leave anyone behind.  You are not alone and you don’t have to fight your battles alone. We won’t be isolated and abandoned.  You are not by yourself. I totally understand what it’s like to have stuff fill your mind that is trying to defeat you. I know how hard it can be to get it out.  So I stand with you today and everyday. Today we win!! Together we win!!


February 23, 2011

In the Trenches

02 23 11 Wednesday

I am one of those that can hear 99 good things, but the 1 negative or just no response is the one that stays with me.  I know that may sound crazy, but that’s me.

It may be just me, but I still battle some insecurities.  Mainly a rejection or disapproval mindset.  It’s no where near what it used to be, but at times it can jump on me and stay there.  I mentioned the other day about mental battles, we are entering day 3 of this current struggle.  From the outside looking in; I see no reason that I should be in a mental battle.  From the inside looking out; all I can see is the mental attack going on in my mind.  I really hope you don’t have these types of days, but if you do, I completely understand where you are.  The truth of the matter is; I am not rejected, but I am accepted, I am not disapproved, but I am approved.  I know most of it comes because I know my destiny is to encourage others. Since that goes against the grain and our enemy hates that; he is going to attack us.  To combat the attack; I want to encourage you to be strong in your mind.  I am telling you that you are an awesome person.  I see the gifting in you and the talent in you.  You have an incredible destiny and purpose for your life.  I approve of you and accept you just as you are right now, because I know what lies ahead for you.  What lies ahead? Greatness, awesomeness, and wonderful things.  A life full of peace, hope, joy, purpose and love.  I give you a standing ovation. I am so excited and expectant about what is going to take place in your life.  Your best day is yet to come. I believe in you and your destiny.


February 22, 2011

Hangin' in There or Standing Strong

02 22 11 Tuesday

When was the last time you said or heard; “I can’t live like this another day,” “I can’t go on like this,” “When is my life going to get better,” or something like that? We all have been in this place at some time.

There are many folk right there, right now.  If you aren’t then be an encourager to those around you who are. If you are right in the middle of this place right now, be encouraged.  You are not alone and I don’t just mean there are others hurting with you, but there are folk standing with you to help.  There is a voice of encouragement of hope calling out to you.  Lift your head and your heart to the voice of love, compassion, understanding, hope, and encouragement.  You don’t have to stay in this place. Today can be your day to come out.  When, when, when can be today! The choice is ours; we can hang in there or we can stand.  Standing strong is so much better than just managing to hang on.  We will stand together, you are being offered a hand up today! Let’s do this!


February 21, 2011

Standing in the Gap

02 21 11 Monday

I really hate those days when I get something in my mind and I can’t seem to shake it loose.  It just gets in there and won’t let me go.  However, I know that I have to take control of my mind, renew it, and keep renewing it.

You may never have those moments or days, but from time to time I still have them. It is like a dark cloud following me.  My mind can torment me like nothing else in the world.  The thing is, I know it when it happens, but it is almost like I am helpless.  I know better and I know that I don’t have to allow my mind to do me this way, but it can be a strong bugger to fight.  If you know what I am talking about then I also want you to know that I am fighting for you.  I stand with you against any attack on your mind.  I firmly believe that we will soon be free of these attacks.  Not that the attacks on our mind won’t come, but we will be so mentally strong and built up together that they won’t phase us.  It may sound like a long shot and even crazy, but I believe we can do it.  Some of you may already be there, but those that aren’t; I stand in the gap for you.  I believe very strongly about this and very strongly believe in you.  I pray for my LYD partners everyday! So you are being lifted up and prayed for each day of your life. Together we stand!!


February 20, 2011

People are Hurting

02 20 11 Sunday

There are hurting folk everywhere.  Chances are you are in this group or have been at sometime.  What to do?

I talk to folk everyday that are hurting for one reason or another.  Maybe you are in this group today.  Some have had a train wreck at some point in their life and can’t seem to recover.  There are others that have made a mistake that lead to another that lead to another and so on.  There is pain in their voice.  Their heart is breaking.  What to do?  Some can’t see any way out, no answers, no clue to what to do.  You may not be in this group, but I have been, I have even caused some folk to be in this group during my life.  I understand that you are hurting today.  I know that there seems to be no one with you and there seems to be no one that cares.  Well, I am here to tell that there is someone with you and there are folk that do care about you.  Your life may seem out of control, but don’t give up, help is on the way.  When we come to the realization that we are messed up; then we can start to make the changes necessary to turn things around.  Today is your day to start making a change.  It’s time to walk out of the place your in and move into the peace and joy of life that you are wanting so bad.  Know that I pray for you everyday.  I stand with my partners and believe for your best day everyday.  I am on your side and God is on our side too.  I might not be too much, but God…  Today is your day!


February 19, 2011

Love Makes the World Go Round

02 19 11 Saturday

Elvis used to sing, “Welcome to my world, the door is always open…”  I have folk tell me quite a bit that I am very open, transparent, and honest about my life, my issues, my struggles.

The funny thing about that is; I used to be the most closed off and private person you would ever meet.  What changed the way I am? Taking out the mistrust of others, fear of others, and low self esteem of myself.  Then replacing that with trust, mercy, grace, acceptance and most of all love for folk.  If I can allow this to take place in my life there is no doubt that you can too.  It is a heart and a mind issue.  When we allow our heart to be filled with love for self and for others, then the mind will follow.  It is a transition.  The heart will transform quickly, but the mind is a process.  It is a process that takes place everyday.  We have to renew our mind daily, which really means, everyday.  There is nothing like having your mind free from all the mess and junk the world puts in it.  I know I felt like I had seaweed all tangled up in my head, but that is all gone.  The love of God will set your mind free from bondage.  Choose love today! Make the decision to let love by the guide of your mind and heart.  Love does make the world go round!


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