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January 31, 2011

Roadmap to Your Destiny

01 31 11 Monday

I am putting together a program, Roadmap to Your Destiny.  It is a year long program that will help you discover and live your destiny.  I am keeping the number of partners to 15 so that we can do this right.

If you are serious about wanting to discover and live your destiny then this may just be what you have been looking for.  There is no cost for this program but you will be required to do your part.  If you really want to see personal growth, change, improvement and changes in your life then this is for you.  We will work on different areas of your life; relationships, your walk with God, your physical well being, your mental state and other areas.

Roadmap to Your Destiny will take you to the next level, but only if you are willing to commit to walking it out and then actually walking it out.  You will have weekly emails, podcasts, Ebook, conference calls, and other awesome materials to see to it you have every advantage possible.

If you are interested then let me know by emailing me at [email protected] and we will take it from there.  Thank you and here’s to discovering and living your destiny.


January 30, 2011

Pain of the Past

01 30 11 Sunday

We all have memories from our past that we would really like to forget.  However, forgetting is not that simple when it comes to hurts, failures, and disappointments.  Pain has a way of making us remember.

There is healing from the pain of the past though.  God has a wonderful way of removing the pain from our past hurtful memories.  The memory is still there, but when the pain is gone then we know we have been healed from the harmful effects.  Many folk carry around their past hurts, almost with a sense of pride, because they have developed a victim mentality.  Most of the time it was not on purpose, but the enemy kept them under such intense pressure.  Today you can begin to release that pain from your past.  Remember, Jesus took all that to the cross too.  Allow His healing to take it.  You can be healed from the pain of the past, but only if you desire it and then do it.  We weren’t created to carry that load of pain and grief.  Memories are fine, but the pain needs to go today.  Take from the memories ,the good, the lesson learned and leave the rest behind.  Unhook from it now.  Let it out of your system and never allow it to inner into you again.

January 29, 2011

Not Disqualified

01 29 11 Saturday

In spite of all the past mistakes we have made in our life; God still has a plan for us.  Don’t be discouraged by your past; be encouraged by your destiny.  We have not been disqualified.

For some of us we have thought that because of past mistakes and wrong decisions; we have been disqualified from our destiny.  This is not true.  Many times it is our mistakes and failures that qualify us for our purpose and destiny.  I have dealt with this in my own life.  There have been several periods in my life that I felt like God had put me on out of the way and forgotten about me.  When I would go through difficult times; I would think that my ever having a purpose or destiny was over.  I know this is not true, but the feeling can be hard to over come at times.  The enemy knows where we are weakest and will try to attack our mind in that area.  Stay focused on what God has said about your future and destiny.  I promise you that you have not been forgotten about or disqualified.  Folk may even try to make you feel that you have been, but it’s not true.  Get back up, learn from your past, and move forward.  I believe in you, standing with you, and counting on you.


January 28, 2011

Righteous Dude

01 28 11 Friday

I have a friend that in high school, everything was “righteous dude.”  It’s time that we got right; get in the right place, doing the right thing, the right way, in the right time and for the right reason.

Now is the time for us to get in our place.  There is a place for you spirit, soul, and body.  Your place is in your destiny.  Are you in the right place today? If you are frustrated, aggravated and even bored with your life; that is an indication that you are not in your right place.  It may mean that you have to move physically, but more than not it means it’s mental and spiritually that you need to get right.  There is a destiny place for you, but you have to go to it.  There are folk that we called destiny agents that will guide you to your place.  The major obstacle will be change.  You will have to be willing to make some changes, but think about it, you already have made some changes.  Why stop now? Get in your place today! Your destiny is ready and waiting for you.  How do I know I am in my place? You will have a peace and a joy that you can explain.  Even in the middle of your worse day there is peace and joy present.  If on your best day; you don’t have peace and joy, then you aren’t in the your right place. Find your place today and live your destiny to the fullest!


January 27, 2011

Destiny Winds

01 27 11 Thursday

This year, I really believe, is going to be a year of destiny for many people. Many of you have been facing some difficult situations. Remember, major problems lead to great victories.

Maybe you’ve felt like the storms of life have been beating against you, pushing you back. I believe this year that the winds are changing direction, and now they are going to start pushing you toward your destiny. Your destiny season is coming. It’s not time to give up or quit. It’s not time to let up. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to rise up! Don’t grow weary while doing good. Keep doing good and don’t lose heart because it’s your time, and it’s your destiny season! By faith begin to confess, “2011 is my year of destiny! I’m going up to a new level. I’m letting go of what didn’t work out. I’m putting on a new attitude and enlarging my vision. I’m going to go into this year with a new fire and greater expectancy. I’m pressing forward to step into my season!” This is your day! This is your year! I am so excited for you and what is happening in your life right this minute! Good times!

January 26, 2011

Destiny Agents

01 26 11 Wednesday

This is going to be a great day for you; even if you read this at 11:59PM.  There is stuff going on in your life that you don’t see yet, but its developing on the inside of you.  Your destiny is getting ready to go to a whole new level.

There are folk in our lives, let’s call them destiny agents, that are in our life to guide us to the next level in our destiny.  They are in our life for a specific purpose and reason; to take us to the next level in our destiny.  Some folk that we think we have to have near us and with us all the time were never meant to be with us.  Check your relationships today.  Make sure the reason for them being there is the right reason.  Be expecting folk that are destiny minded and talking destiny to you.  This is a critical time for you and for me.  Those that have been praying and seeking God about your purpose and destiny know exactly what I am talking about.  If that isn’t you, then focus your mind and heart on your purpose, who you are, and your destiny.  Then you will hear who you need to hear.  There will be a destiny agent in your life when you are ready.  So get ready for some awesomeness in your life today! You are about to go to a higher level very soon!


January 25, 2011

Hip Hop Don't Stop

01 25 11 Tuesday

The other day my daughter, who is 7, came to me almost in tears, because she was having trouble with a Hip Hop dance routine she was trying to learn.  She told me she couldn’t do it and was going to give up.  Wonder how I reacted to that?

I am amazed at her young age how we start developing a give up mentality.  We feel like we aren’t good enough.  She doesn’t hear that at home, school, or church.  It is the nature that is in us at birth.  The older we get the more developed we become in that mindset.  We have to work at and train our mind to change.  Never give up! You are good enough and then some! You were created with purpose, destiny, and greatness in you!  How is it we let this go at a young age? The enemy of your life will plan negative seeds in your mind.  Don’t settle for average in your life.  Don’t let others tell you negative lies about yourself.  Train your self in the truth.  What does God say about you? He created you, you aren’t perfect, but the truth is what God says about you. The truth will always override the facts.

Well, about ten minutes after she and I talked, she came running back in the room telling me how she had gotten the routine down pat.  The truth was she could do it and failure was just part of the process.  What is the truth about you?


January 24, 2011

Love Check

01 24 11 Monday

Without fuel your car won’t operate. Without electricity your lights won’t work. Without love your life won’t be worth living.  Love without agenda is a major key to destiny.

Love is a major key to not only destiny but to life.  If we don’t have love in us then we short circuit everything going on in and around us.  We are separated from our destiny when we are not operating in love.  From time to time it is a good idea to go and read the Love Chapter in the Bible.  Where it says love; put your name in place of the word love. If what you are reading then doesn’t line up with your life; then changes need to be made.  I can see so many areas where I really need to operate in love. Just about the time I think I got it covered there is another area of my life that is revealed to me that I am not operating in love.  When we have love as our guide we won’t go the wrong way.  When we let love be the determining factor in our decisions we won’t regret our choices.  Let love be the final word in your life!


January 23, 2011


01 23 11 Sunday

I was talking with someone not long ago and they had no idea they had a purpose in life.  Life was just the same thing everyday with no purpose outside of making it day to day.

It’s like we have a shell around our destiny sometimes.  In our mind we can see others that have a purpose and destiny but we don’t see it in us.  Like an egg; we have a shell around our purpose.  Fortunately, just like an egg, that shell can be broken; allowing the life to spill out.  That life being our destiny and purpose, not to mention our identity.  If you can’t seem to find your destiny or purpose then take a look for the egg inside of you.  Then crack the shell that is around it.  You do have a destiny and a purpose that is inside you.  It may be locked up, but it was meant to be released.  You were created to grow and mature in your destiny and in your purpose.  Don’t go another day without discovering the life that is there.  It’s right there inside you.  Let your destiny and purpose come alive in your life!


January 22, 2011

Even when…

01 22 11 Saturday

I was reading the other day and came across something that really has me thinking.  It was about the love that God has for us and how wonderful that love is.  Folk all time ask, if God is so loving why did this or that happen.

I honestly don’t know.  Sometimes we blame God for stuff that He had nothing to do with though.  If we never included Him in our plan or in what we were doing or even in our life. Then how can we blame Him for what goes on in our life? Again, I don’t know or even pretend to know all the why’s of life.  I am still trying get understanding about God loving me.  It should be simple, but for some reason I guess I am making it more difficult than it is.  He loves us enough to correct and discipline us.  He loves us enough to let us make our own decisions.  All that is well and good, but the thing that gets me is this; He loved me even when I turned my back on Him.  He loved me even when I was doing everything I could to hurt those that I said I loved.  He loves us even when…  To me that says it all.  When I didn’t deserve it the most; He loved me the most.  Not that I deserve it now, but He says I do; so I do.  Please don’t think that I am super spiritual, Christian.  I am just like you in that I make mistakes and make wrong choices.  I fall and I miss it, but now I know that God isn’t mad or punishing me.  He loves me so He corrects me and loves on me. That makes giving up not an option. His love will keep me getting me up every time I mess up.  God does love us so!


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