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April 30, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Pick your battles carefully.  There are some things that you don’t need to concern yourself with; they are stealing and robbing you of energy and time that should be spent on other people and things. 

There will always be someone that tries to talk you out of your dream, your destiny, and your purpose.  There will always be folk that just don’t like you and will let you know it.  There will always be those that will those are against you.  Hey, there were those against Jesus! All through the Bible we have great examples of this.  Nehemiah is a great one.  He was rebuilding a wall and there were two guys that just gave him down the road about it.  They talked against him and his destiny, however, Nehemiah knew how to handle them.  He didn’t talk bad about them or try to get even.  He ignored them and went forward in his destiny, purpose, and dream. That is what we should do too.  Don’t let those folk get to you.  You are saying, “Scott, that’s easier said than done.” The old saying, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,’ comes to mind. When we are secure in who we are and our purpose, destiny and dream then that saying is true.  Yes, I know words can hurt, but they won’t scar you, damage you or stop you from living the life you were created to live.  Learn to ignore the words that are spoken to hurt you, whether they were meant to or not.  Keep building your dream like Nehemiah

April 29, 2011

Daily Choice

The question I am hearing the most about forgiving is surprisingly not; “why” but rather “how.”  “How do I forgive them what they did to me”?  It is a choice we make not something that will happen on its on. This is how I start each day.

I will choose to begin this day with a forgiving spirit. I will forgive even those who do not ask for forgiveness. Many are the times when I have been so angry at a word or deed thrown into my life by an unthinking or uncaring person. Valuable hours have been wasted imagining revenge or confrontation. Now I see the truth revealed about this psychological rock inside my mind. The rage I nurture is often one-sided, for my offender seldom gives thought to his offense! I will now and forevermore silently offer my forgiveness even to those who do not see that they need it. By the act of forgiving, I am no longer consumed by unproductive thoughts. My bitterness is given up. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit. I will forgive those who criticize me unjustly.  I am not where I want to be with forgiveness, but I am on my way.  Make each day a day of forgiveness.

April 28, 2011

Decision to Forgive

There are so many of us that still have unforgiveness in our heart.  Remember, forgiveness is not an emotion but a decision.  Emotions do follow decisions though. So choose to forgive today.

If you have been reading this blog for very long, you know I am a firm believer in forgiveness.  It is essential to having peace in our life.  So many times we withhold forgiveness from someone; even from ourselves, that it becomes a way of life for us.  It is not a very good life though.  Unforgiveness will grow inside you if not gotten rid of.  It is like a cancer and will spread throughout you.  It will affect other relationships.  You will become bitter, angry and can even have hatred toward others.  Unforgiveness will keep you in bondage until it is released.  The person may not even deserve your forgiveness; give it anyway.  It doesn’t mean that they get to get away with what they did, but it is not up to us to be the judge and jury.  God said He will do that.  We are not God, ok.  Sweep out unforgiveness.  It is a gift that will benefit the giver for more than it will those it is given to.  Experience et freedom that comes from having a forgiving heart and spirit.  No longer will unforgiveness have a stronghold in our life.  Choose to forgive all today.

April 27, 2011

Change of Address

There have times in my life when nothing looked like it was going right. Where ever  I looked I saw failure and dead ends.  I couldn’t see anyway out of the misery I was in. 

It seems like everyone goes through the valley or desert experiences.  Some folk have made it their permanent address.  They have built their houses in the land of discouragement and misery.  We get comfortable in our uncomfortable place.  We either see it as; it will never get any better or this is as good as it gets.  We see others as having it so much better than we do.  Know that we all go through these periods in life, but you don’t have to stay here forever.  The sooner you realize where you are the sooner you can get out of your misery.  It’s time for a change of address.  Time to pack up all the discouragement, discontentment, pain and sadness and get rid of it.  We have to get our mindset changed to see life as it really is, not what seems to be.  The truth, remember, always overrides fact.  Most of the time it just takes a small change of perspective.  Just adjust the way you are seeing your life.  Break those destructive mindset patterns today! See yourself in the truth! Find out what truth about yourself really is all about! 

April 26, 2011


What is the final authority in your life? The x-ray? The bank statement? The stock market? The horoscope? The nightly news report? What are you basing your life decisions on?

There is so much going wrong in the world today; it can be very confusing.  We are being hit from every angle and side by bad news about everything.  Everywhere we turn there is someone saying that we are in bad shape and it don’t look like it is going to get any better.  Folk are blasting the local, state, and federal governments.  Banks are folding up left and right.  The news from the doctor is bad 8 out 10 times.  What are you basing your life on today? There is so much negativity and bad news coming at you; how do you filter and handle it all? What is the foundation of your decisions?  What has final authority in your life today and every day?  If ever there was a time to be standing on a solid, stable foundation it is today.  What are you standing on today? It had better be the truth or you will be up and then down, in and then out, right and then wrong, and so on.  

April 25, 2011

Getting It Together

We spend so much time acting like we got it all together; that we never manage to get close to having it all together.  Let’s put down the pretense that we have arrived and make some progress.

It is a sign of pride or insecurity or both; when we try to act as if though we have no pride or insecurity.  None of us have it all together.  Although, I will admit, some have it more together than others.  No matter how bad our situation and issues, when we realize that we don’t have it altogether and start working on getting it together; we are much better off.  Just coming to the realization is a major step.  The saying, knowing is half the battle, is true here.  When we stop making excuses for where we are in life and start making changes; we are much better off.  I choose today to admit my faults, insecurities and mistakes (like folk didn’t already know them) and start making progress in getting it together.  You choose the ‘it” you want to get together and then start.  Starting is a major step.  Once you get some momentum going, you will find it hard to stop.  Make today the day you change your life for the better.  You can do it! 

April 24, 2011


Sometimes I feel like the only way I am understood is by being misunderstood.  Ever felt that way? People that are living their destiny are quite often misunderstood. 

When you are doing your best, falling yet getting back up, failing but never a failure, making mistakes but never giving up; then you will be misunderstood by many.  Those that are living a life of mediocrity will not understand your life.  When you keep trying when everything is going against you; most won’t get it.  They just don’t get it. This is a major rule of average people.  We all have the choice of being average or a person of destiny that never settles for average.  Just know that you will be misunderstood during your life.  I choose to be misunderstood and live my destiny to the fullest and I believe you do as well.  Make the decision today to live your life to the fullest and never settle for mediocrity.  

April 23, 2011

Let Love Live

Perfected love will over come fear every time.  Perfected means it had to go through the perfecting process.  This is going from a noun to a verb and then back to a noun.  Make sense?

We are in  a perfecting state; heading toward a perfected state.  In the love arena, it is getting from our selfish eros or phileo love to the agape; which is the perfected love.  We have heard God doesn’t have love; rather He is love.  So if we have God in us and we are operating in His will for our life; our destiny, then we should have perfected love as our guide.  I know for me, I am still in the perfecting state, but I have the perfected love in me.  It’s just letting that agape love having the final authority in my life that will take me to perfected love.  We are all by nature selfish folk, but we learn to apage others or put others first.  Reading 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, can really help in this area.  Let love be the final authority for your life today. Choose today to love freely without reservation with unselfish love.  No more keeping score. No more planning our revenge. Let love be the key to all your decisions.  Let love live!

April 22, 2011

Perfect Love

There is nothing in the world that is more important than learning to love. In fact, how accurately you perfect the love walk will determine how much of your destiny you will accomplish. That’s because every other spiritual force derives its action from love. 

Without love, your destiny will not unfold. All the truths that you have learned from God’s Word work by love. They just don’t work unless you live the love of God. Sounds tough; almost impossible, but you are a person of love. God has recreated your spirit in the image of love. He has sent His love Spirit to live in you and teach you how to love as He loves. You can live the love life. Why not begin today?

April 21, 2011

What Are You Full Of

To have love in our life; we have to get the unforgiveness out of our life.  To get out of debt we have to get the debt out of us.  To have a blessed life; we have to get the fear out of our life.

I think I am right when I say; we all want to have a great, wonderful life.  To live that life we have to get the stuff out of us that is preventing us from the good life.  Unforgiveness and love can’t live in the same person.  We can’t be selective of who we love and forgive.  We are to love and forgive everyone.  We can’t hold a grudge against someone, talk bad about them and think bad about them; yet expect to walk in love.  We have to be clean of all hard feelings towards others.  The same goes for debt.  We have to get the debt mindset out of us before we can walk debt free.  We will never be consistently blessed if we are walking and talking fear.  I couldn’t figure out where I was missing it in my life; now I see it.  I was trying to live in love and unforgiveness, blessing and fear, and so on.  We can’t be double minded and expect to have peace in our life.  Choose today what you want to be full of; choose love, peace, forgiveness, hope, grace and mercy.  The life we live is totally up to us.  

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