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October 31, 2012

Book Review: Wisdom Meets Passion

This is a tag team book written by a father and son. It is very well done. It is a must read for all ages. So many myths of purpose and calling in people’s lives are challenged. Reading this book will give one a very focused perspective on your reason for being. I personally, have re-examined many of the things I do in my life due to this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is concerned and looking for reasons why they were born and what to do with their live.

October 31, 2012

Your Calling in Life

No matter what you are going through today don’t lose hope.Don’t lose confidence. Stand strong and know everything is going to be alright.

There is no worse place than not knowing why you were born. There is nothing worse than carrying a load that you just can’t seem to get off your shoulders. You aren’t here to do either one of those. You are here to make a difference. It may not seem big to you but it will be for someone. Let go of all the self-doubt today. Reach out and take a hold your purpose, your destiny, your calling. Live your life with purpose. It makes all the difference in the world; literally. Take charge of your life. There is a refreshing that comes when you realize your purpose in life. Get the momentum going in your life toward your destiny. This is a hallmark moment in your life. There is nothing that can stop you from reaching your full destiny. Make the call today to be the greatest you that you can be. Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you energized each day? Are you living out your purpose and destiny?

October 30, 2012

Your Masterpiece

You have a masterpiece inside you. One unlike any that has ever been created. If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece will never get painted.

You were created for a specific purpose and reason. There is someone that is needing you to live your destiny because it will directly affect their life today. No one else can do what you were destined to do as good as you. If you feel like your life has no meaning, then today that can change. You have a purpose that is bigger than yourself. You have a role to play and a difference to make. No one was born that does not have a reason. Even if you were considered to be a mistake, make no mistake, God had you in mind before you were born. There are no mistakes in God’s eyes. He has a plan for you like none other. Don’t let anyone talk you into believing you are not valuable. Don’t believe the lies that you have been told about being no good. You are priceless. You have greatness inside of you. There is no better day than today to start painting your masterpiece. Get started in your purpose now. This is the greatest day for you ever! Are you ready to get started today?

October 29, 2012

Cornerstones to Success

There is no way I can express how vital love is to a team’s success. Without love there is no trust, without trust there is no team.

Ever seen a team, group, or even a family that didn’t have trust or love for each other? When there is no love or trust then there will never be any success. When you love that person next to you, you will be able to develop trust for them. Then you have the makings for having success. There is nothing that can take the place of loving one another and having trust for each other. If you are not seeing any success in your family or your team then take a good look at the love and trust levels. No matter how many or how few; this is a major indicator of how things will turn out. Things speed up when trust and love are present. You don’t stop to think if they are telling you truth. You don’t hesitate to wonder if they have your best in mind. Trust and love are the cornerstones to a healthy, strong, and success group. Do you have love in your family? Is there trust on your team?


October 28, 2012

Be a Comforter

Be somebody that makes the bad times better and bring comfort into someones life. Be great today everyone.

Everybody needs somebody sometime. It’s no shame in needing someone during your difficult times. However, the next step then is to be that someone for someone else during their bad time. It’s not just feeling sorry for them or telling them that everything is going to be okay. It’s being proactive, showing them how to make their life better. It’s helping them to see, because it’s all about perspective. When you have been in a tough situation, don’t let it cause you to become bitter. Bitterness will not enable you to be a comfort to someone. Bitterness will just make you agree with that life is unfair, no good, and lousy. Become better because of life, then help someone else become better too. Better is always better than bitter. Be a difference maker today in someone’s life. You can do it! Is there someone who needs your comfort and insight today?

October 27, 2012

Change Coming

Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown.

God is always looking to take us to higher levels. He wants us to grow and increase in every area. Change is often a catalyst for growth in our lives, and it keeps up from getting stuck in a rut. To help keep us on our path toward our destiny, God will supernaturally open and close doors of opportunity. He will “stir us” out of comfortable situations and stretch us because He loves us too much to allow us to live in mediocrity. Do you know how an eaglet learns to fly? That mother eagle will take her eaglet to the very highest point—way out of its comfort zone—and then she just releases it. As the eaglet falls, the mother swoops down and picks it back up again. She does this over and over until the eaglet spreads its wings and soars through the air. That’s what God wants for you today. He wants you to soar in life! You might feel like that eaglet learning to fly, but know that God is right there with you! He is bringing you new times and seasons so that you will rise higher and embrace the very best He has in store for you. Are you ready for change and growth in your life? Ready for new levels of blessing that come with that?


October 26, 2012

Destiny Relationships

Who really knows you? Who gets you? What risks will you take and secrets do you need to share to improve the quality of your relationships?

Do you know how important it is to be connected to the right people? Your destiny is too big to accomplish on your own. But God has already arranged for certain people to speak faith into you. He has already placed in your path people who will inspire you, challenge you and help you accomplish your dreams. But the reason some people never reach their highest potential is because they never get away from the wrong people. Recognize today that not everyone can go where God is taking you. You’ve got to connect with people who understand your destiny and can call forth your seeds of greatness. You don’t have time to spend on people who are always pushing you down, telling you what you can’t do, or never giving you their approval no matter how hard you try. Friend, life is too short to drag people along. If you will get the wrong people out of your life, then God will bring in the right people so you can fulfill the destiny He has in store for you. Do you need to improve your relationships today?

October 25, 2012

Team Player

Who’s on your team? Who knows your dreams? Who knows you well enough to see your potential even before it comes out? Who has your back?

Who do you trust to be on your team? Who do you allow to get close enough to see the real you? Have you been hurt; so now you don’t let anyone get in your inner circle? Do you resist the thought of being a team member again? Do you just say; “I am just a shy person.” Let’s stop making excuses and hiding behind what has happened in the past. Today, let’s be a team. Find someone that needs a friend and start a new friendship. Rekindle an old relationship with someone that needs someone they can trust. Be a team player today. No person can make it on their own. We weren’t designed that way. We are a family. We are a team. Let those who should be close to you into your inner circle. Find that someone God has placed in your life and be the friend you have always wanted to be. You have something to offer and something to gain by be on the team. Will you be disappointed? Yeah, there will be times like that. Will you get hurt? Yeah, part of being on a team. Will you be happy? Yes you will. Will you see a difference in your life? Yes you most certainly will. Are you looking for a team to be a part of today? Are you willing to be a team player?

October 24, 2012

Building Friendships

A desire for connection, for friendship, for relationship is a foundational part of us all.

Everyone has a desire to be a part of something greater and bigger than themselves. We have an innate wanting to be wanted, needed and appreciated. We are not be to be alone. God intended for us to be in relationship. We are to be connected to others. I, for one, need to be in friendships for accountability sake. We one another to stretch us, to help each other grow. We need mentors to teach and show us how to use our gift. We need to be a mentor to someone that needs our instruction. There is a need to teachers. You need a teacher as well as being a teacher. You see how the connections, friendships and relationships work. What is past down from others to you; you then pass on to others. Build positive, healthy, growing relationships. We have enough negative, gossiping, back biting going on around us today. We need to turn things around in with those in our lives and be positive. Is there someone today you need to be a friend to? Who do you need in your life?

October 23, 2012

Love Perspective Podcast/Blog

Discovering love at the heart of our relationship with Jesus breathes new life into all areas of our lives, starting with our perspective.

Click here to listen to Podcast

When God looks at mankind, He doesn’t see us as different races. He doesn’t see different social standings. He doesn’t see color or creed. God looks past all the superficial things that our culture seems to magnify — what we wear, what we drive and what we look like — and He sees us all the same; not black or white, just His beautiful creation. Not upper class or lower class; just one big family. Sometimes people make the mistake of judging a whole race by a few people. We make sweeping generalizations, and it keeps us from enjoying the people God places in our lives. Today, if you’ve been looking at others through the traditions of the world, why don’t you open the eyes of your heart and see others the way God sees them! We are all here by His design and called according to His purposes. When we see others through His eyes, we can come together in unity and receive the blessing He has prepared for us. Do you need to change your love perspective today?

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