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August 31, 2014

Mental Dominance

Physical dominance can make you great. Mental dominance is what ultimately will make you unstoppable, a Champion.

Now days everyone has talent. The difference maker then is; mental dominance. The mental game is what will enable you to be the Champion you want to be. All the talent in the world will only get you so far and will only keep you for so long. Talent levels will start to decrease in time. However, the mental conditioning will make you stronger than your opponent. When others are falling by the side, you will continue going higher. Why do we neglect to train our minds? I encourage you today to begin a mental conditioning program. You will see results faster than you may even expect. There is such a demand today for excellence in every field, not just sports. Take your game, whatever it may be, to the next level. It is a must if you really want to be the Champion God created you to be. To be unstoppable you must have mental toughness. If you truly desire the highest level of your destiny and purpose; mental dominance has to be there. Are you mentally dominant today?

August 30, 2014

Failing is Not Failure

Champions don’t accept failure, they know there’s more than one way to get it done.

I have failed more times than I can remember, but I never accepted the label of a failure. I know that I have just found the way not to get the job done. That means there is another way of accomplishing the goal. I see far too many people today that after one or two times of failing at something; just giving up. Then and only then are you a failure. Failing does not make one a failure; giving up makes one a failure. Nobody gets it right the first time, every time. Failing from time to time, gives you an opportunity to grow, to learn, to mature. A Champion fails, but because a Champion is unstoppable and relentless, they never give up. A Champion is measured by how many times they get back up and keep fighting the fight. If you are working toward being a Champion today, then never let failing turn you into a failure. Get back up, and finish the race. Never, never, never, never give up. Are you learning from failing today?

August 29, 2014

Decision Making

Champions make decisions, not suggestions, they know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions.

If you want to be a Champion you have to be prepared. The Boy Scouts say; ‘Be Prepared.’ Well, a Champion is always prepared. You know what it is you do better than anyone else. For this to happen you have to study, listen and learn. Watch others that have gone before you see how they succeeded and failed along the way. See how they did it and then improve on it. When you do this, when others are asking questions about what to do, you already have the answers to the questions. This also helps you to be decisive. When you come to a crossroads you know the way to go. You have the information to make the decision before you get there. Therefore, a Champion is a person who makes informed decisions when others are still trying to figure out the questions. An unstoppable person is willing to learn in order to be a Champion. Are you in decision making mode today?

August 28, 2014


When everyone is hitting the “In Case of Emergency” button, they’re looking for a Champion.

How you respond to adversity determines if you’re a Champion or not. When those around you are caving in and are panicking; you remain calm and perform at a higher level. You are the one that they are looking for. You are the one that steps up to the plate and delivers more than anyone expects. A Champion does not have a panic button. There is no hysterical rant, finger pointing, head down, shoulders slumped. A Champion is poised even in the heat of battle. An unstoppable person is level headed. Champions are unstoppable and relentless because they know how to use their mental conditioning to control the physical. Champions in the physical are first Champions in the mental. They control the mind and then the mind controls the body. I see the opposite far too often. Watch those that lose it when the going gets tough. Those are the ones that are letting their mind control them and then the body follows suit. Are you in control of your mental game today? How do you respond when the ‘emergency” comes? Be the one who the others look for when the panic button is pressed. Are you a Champion today?

August 27, 2014

Feeling Pressure

A Champion is never intimidated by pressure, they thrive on it.

As we continue talking about being a Champion, an unstoppable person, pressure is always a subject that comes up. Pressure is what you feel when you don’t know what you are doing or don’t feel confident in your skill to do it. Therefore, most people don’t like the feeling of pressure. Breathing shortens, difficulty in swallowing, and sweating are the usual signs of someone under pressure. Also, the performance suffers. However, for the Champion it’s just the opposite. Pressure isn’t looked at as negative. An unstoppable person takes pressure and uses it to their advantage. Instead of it holding them down and preventing maximum effort, it pushes them up. It’s like helium in a balloon. It raises the performance level of a Champion to another level. Pressure, to a Champion, separates them even farther from the rest. If you wanting to become unstoppable, relentless and a Champion, then adjust your response to pressure. Use it to make you better. How do you feel pressure today?

August 26, 2014

Pushing Forward

When you’re a Champion; you keep pushing yourself harder when everyone else has had enough.

I can’t stress enough that if you are going to be a Champion then you have to be unstoppable. It may seem redundant, but it is something that you must understand. This is why there are so few unstoppable people. When others have reached there physical limits, this is when you are able to push forward because you are mentally stronger. Everyone likes to be around a Champion, cheer on a Champion, but few are willing to be the Champion. There will always be wannabe’s but unfortunately very few ever make it. I encourage you today to invest in your destiny, in your God-given purpose by investing in your mental conditioning. God has blessed you with a gift/talent, don’t let that go to waste. Use it to make a difference in the world. Push through the failures, the pain, the frustration. When others have had enough, you are just getting started. Are you ready to push forward today?

August 25, 2014

Climbing Higher

Most people are afraid to climb to the highest level, because if they fail, the fall is too far.

A Champion is never afraid of climbing to the highest level, they are afraid of failing or falling. There is no level to high or challenging for someone that is unstoppable. When you are destined to be a Champion, and you are, you know that the highest level is where are supposed to be in time. There will be seasons of failing, but that is part of the process that it takes to be unstoppable. If you are not at the highest level of your purpose and destiny, then keep climbing. Matter of fact, don’t ever stop climbing. People that are not on your level yet, need to see that they too can make it. A true Champion will make sure that others too are climbing. Then one day those will be on your shoulders going to a higher level. Don’t let the struggles stop you. Don’t ever stop anyone else from going higher either. Get ready to climb higher today and don’t be afraid to look down. Are you climber higher today?

August 24, 2014

Bad Situations

Failure is never an option, even if it takes years, a Champion will find a way to turn a bad situation to his benefit, and he won’t stop.

Time is not a factor when getting the job done. Failure may stop most people but it will never stop a Champion. Anyone that is unstoppable will keep looking for ways to accomplish the task at hand. I have seen it takes years for someone to overcome an addiction. Then took that situation and turned it around to help others overcome too. Never let failure stop you from reaching your destiny. You have so much to accomplish in your life that giving up can’t be an option. There are many people that are counting on you to be who you were created to be. So when it looks like you will never work your way a bad situation; remember you’re unstoppable. You are a Champion. Are you turning bad situations to your benefit today?

August 23, 2014


A Champion never sees problems, only situations to solve.

Unstoppable people always use a positive perspective. When a problem comes up, a Champion sees it positively. They see a situation that needs solving. They don’t complain or try to get someone else to handle it. A Champion mets the problem head on and solves it. Whether it takes a day or a year, doesn’t matter how long it takes. There really isn’t a big difference between a Champion and a person that gives up. Just the determination to be unstoppable. It’s not so much a physical attribute. I know quadriplegics that are champions. What then is the deciding factor? The mental approach that we take to being unstoppable. The way we look at a difficult situation, a problem. Champions see these seasons as opportunities. There is no shying away, no fear, no trying. There is only doing, attacking, getting the job done. Champions find solutions to problems. No excuses. Do you find solutions?

August 22, 2014

Even Tempered

When things go wrong and everyone else starts to panic, a Champion is calm, unmoved, cool, steady, never too high or too low, even tempered.

There is nothing like a person that is totally in control of their emotions and responses to stress filled situations. A Champion has to stay in the zone when things are falling apart around them. This way they can get things back on track and keep others from giving up or reacting totally wrong. Being unstoppable, a Champion is not easy. However, if it were, everyone would be a Champion. Everyone has what it takes to be unstoppable, but so many choose not to be a Champion. 80-90% of being a Champion and unstoppable is internal. It’s the emotional and mental toughness that makes the biggest difference. I see people that have the talent to be unstoppable, but they lack the mental conditioning to make the jump to being a Champion. I encourage you today, to start working on your mental game. Develop the mental toughness that it takes to be a Champion. Are you ready to work on your mental conditioning today?

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