Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 19, 2018

Those Around You

Let go of those who bring you down and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.

When you’re working your process to be the best at what you do there will be people that will try to bring you down. They don’t want you to be successful because it makes them look bad. It’s the crab in the bucket cycle. When you put crabs in a bucket and one starts to climb out the others will pull the crab back down. These are the type people you want to avoid. However there are people that are working hard too. They will be bring the best out of you. These are the people that you want to surround yourself with. They will push you to work smarter and harder everyday. There more than likely won’t be as many of these type people around. So choose wisely when you choose your inner circle. Who are you surrounding yourself with today?

June 18, 2018

Still Dreaming

If your dream is to become an overnight sensation, go back to sleep. You’re still dreaming.

Everyone wants to be great, a Champion, but few want to put in the work.  It takes you working smart and hard to develop your process. Then take your process and work it out. Those people that are overnight sensations don’t last. They didn’t do the work to keep them where they want to be. Champions know what it takes to get to the top and then to stay there. Overnighters don’t know and don’t want to know. I know you will do the work required to be your absolute best. Don’t let those that don’t do the work and still want to be the best get in your way. They won’t be around very long. Keep working your process and the results will begin to show sooner than later. Are you ready to be a Champion?

June 17, 2018

Could Be

People have a problem seeing what could be because they can only see what is.

June 16, 2018

Propped Up

Lord, prop me up on my leaning side.

When I was growing up we had a corn crib that leaned to the side. My grandfather took some wooden beams and propped it up. It was still leaning but it was steady and propped up. There are times in our life that we are leaning to one side. Circumstances in our marriage, finances, children, school, work, or family have caused us to lean. That is why I ask the Lord to prop me up on my leaning side. No matter how much you have been through God will still prop you up on your leaning side. You may have failure miserably in certain areas of your life, but don’t worry God is there to prop you up. We all have wounds inside and out, but don’t be discouraged, God will prop you up on your leaning side. There will times when you will be used as a prop for someone. Don’t be quick to judge and condemn others that are leaning, because we all have made or will make some insane decisions. So today I ask God to prop us up on our leaning side.

June 15, 2018

It’s Time

Decide. Act. Succeed. Repeat. What are you waiting for?

Everything you need to succeed is inside you right now. It’s time to get moving. Make a conscious decision to be the greatest at what you do.  Then get to work doing it. Work your process that you have developed to be a Champion. Don’t stop until you have reached the level of success you desire. Once you have reached that level it’s time to start the process over in order to go to the next level. A Champion is a person that is unstoppable and relentless as we have said before. Therefore, when you reach the top you just simply raise the bar higher. There is no ceiling. Too many people simply stop growing and going higher once they succeed the first time. That’s what makes you difference. You have the repeat cycle. You are never satisfied where you are at.  What you are waiting for today?

June 14, 2018


Competing against others makes you good. Competing against yourself–because you’ve passed everyone else–makes you unstoppable.

The good are always competing against others in almost everything they do. However, the greatest, the unstoppable compete against themselves. When you compete only against yourself it means you have passed everyone else. In the natural you may not have yet, but in your mindset you have already passed them. It is only a matter of time before it comes to pass in reality. You have to have the mental perspective that you are unstoppable. Then you will be. Start looking at the person in the mirror each morning and compete with that person. Each day becoming better, best, the greatest. Champions compete only with themselves and you are becoming a Champion each day. You may have some setbacks that is part of life, but keep striving to be better than you were yesterday every day. Who are you competing against today?

June 13, 2018

Back Talking

When people talk behind your back, remember they’re exactly where they belong…behind you.

You can’t let what other people say behind your back affect you. I know at times it can be hurtful but you have to be strong. People will say things about you to try to bring you down to their level. The thing is when they talk about you it only takes them farther down. Separate yourself from those that have nothing better to do than try to bring you down. You’re better than that. You are a Champion. When they see that what they are saying doesn’t affect you the way they want it to; then they will go on to someone else. Also, don’t get caught up in listening to these people talk about other people. Know that if they are talking about others, chances are they are talking about you too. Be the person you were created to be, not what someone else tries to make you out to be. No, you’re not perfect but none of us are. We all have made mistakes and made bad decisions, but you have greatness inside you. Get back up and keep moving forward. Leaving those back talkers farther and farther behind.

June 12, 2018


Overthinking kills progress. Trust the gut reaction that comes from being so ready, so confident, that there’s nothing to think about.

If you’re going to be the best of the best you have to trust your process. When you’re the best you don’t think you react because you have prepared for every situation. The worse thing you can do in the heat of the moment is think. When you stop and start thinking about what to do the Champion will have already reacted and moved on. Take the time and be disciplined enough to work your process. Everyone wants to be great but not everyone takes the time to prepare. Don’t just go through the motions but be relentless in your preparation. The best take the time to do what the others won’t do. I challenge you today to prepare daily so that when your moment comes you will know what to do without giving it a second thought. Are you prepared today?

June 11, 2018


To be a Champion you have to know what you can control and know what you can’t.

First you can’t control other people or the weather, but we do seem to try. You control yourself, your attitude, your response to adversity. Stop trying to control other people. A person that is a Champion is not a manipulator. We don’t try to control the outcome as a Champion. You work the process and do your best all the time and the results will take care of themselves. When you stop trying to control outside factors then you free up your mind to focus on being relentless. One of the main reasons that people are not unstoppable is that they are trying to focus on too much. When they attempt to focus on stuff they can’t control it takes away from their mental edge. Remind yourself when things are going bad that ‘somethings I can control, somethings I cannot.’ You will be so much freer mentally when you learn this principle. Take control of your attitude and response to adversity and see your life go to the next level. Are you controlling what you can control today?

June 10, 2018

Daily Routines

The secrets of success are hidden in the routines of our daily lives.

Your routines make up your process. What you do every day to be the best. The average will do follow the process some of the time. Maybe five days a week. The unstoppable follow the process every day. When I am asked; “What do you mean by everyday”? I mean everyday. Thats Monday through Sunday. It means holidays and birthdays. It means you follow the process when you feel like it and when you don’t. A Champion knows that feelings don’t factor in to being the relentless. When you only do something when you feel like it, then you will be average and drop out when it gets tough. It’s time to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Get your process simplified and do it everyday. Don’t let quit, give up or just get by ever come into your mind. Follow your plan to the tee. Make the necessary adjustments on the fly. Be the best at whatever you do. Be the Champion you were created to be. If you been knocked down by life and we all have, get back up today. Do you have a daily process?