Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 6, 2020

Responsibility over Privilege

Taking on responsibility not looking for privileges is a mark of a Champion.

When you are given much, you tend to expect much. That is one of the issues with privilege. When you haven’t had to work hard for something, but have been given it, it’s not the same. Privilege over responsibility has hurt a lot of people. The better and higher a person goes they expect more and more privileges. However, a Champion knows that the higher they go, the more responsibility they have and the fewer privileges. It’s the upside down triangle image. The farther up you go the smaller the privilege point. I have seen many people fall because they couldn’t handle the privilege point. A Champion has to be take on more responsibility than those around. A relentless person is one who isn’t looking for privileges in the first place. Be the person in the room that takes the responsibility for making it happen. Don’t look for someone to hand it to you, but go do it. That’s a key point for a Champion. Be unstoppable by taking the responsibility of getting it done. Are you taking responsibility today?

August 5, 2020

Achieving Relentless

Champions understand they don’t have to love the work to be successful, they just have to be relentless about achieving it.

To be a Champion you don’t have love the work, just the end result. There will be a tremendous amount of hard work in becoming the best. Never let anyone else out work you in what you do. That is why being relentless is a must. There will be a lot of people at the starting line, but few will actually do the work to finish. You have to have the mentality to be a finisher. It’s not about loving the work necessary, but loving where the work gets you. Getting to the top will require you to stay the course. It has been said; it’s hard to beat someone that won’t quit. That’s what it takes to be a Champion. It’s great to love what you do. That is a bonus. I love what I do each day, but there are parts of what I do that I don’t love. However, I want to be the best, therefore, I am unstoppable in doing what I do. You can do the same. Be your absolute best every day. Are you ready to be relentless today?

August 4, 2020

Be a Helper

You aren’t a Champion unless you are helping others become a Champion.

Your purpose isn’t about you; it’s about others. In order for you to be a Champion you have to be bringing others with you. A Champion will be a teacher/mentor/leader. To say it’s lonely at the top, means that you’re not at the top; you’re just alone. If you’re at the top there will be others there will you. The one’s that brought you up and the one’s you are bring up with you. A Champion isn’t afraid to reach out and help others. A Champion will teach and show what they have learned alone the way. It takes being secure in who you are to be a Champion. You’re not worried about the others being better than you because of what you have taught them. It is your purpose to make them better because of what you have taught them. Your legacy as a Champion is that you helped others become a Champion. Look around you. Are there others making the way to the top with you? It is the mark of a Champion. Are you helping others become a Champion today?

August 3, 2020

A Champion’s Desire

Champion’s desire to make a difference is so powerful, the craving so intense, that he’ll alter his life to get it.

This is what separates a Champion from the rest of the crowd. However, being relentless is a driving force in a Champion’s life. When you are willing to change your life to be the difference in someone else’s life; then you are close to being a Champion. When you actually make the change then you are a Champion. We have said several times that it doesn’t matter what you do. You don’t have to be the football coach of a major college football team to be a Champion. You may be a stay at home mom and be a Champion. It does not make a difference how you are the difference. Never allow yourself or anyone else tell you that you don’t matter or make a difference. You have been created to be the difference in someone’ s life. It may be one person or thousands. Do what you do the best. It’s time to step up and be who you were placed here to be. Are you ready to make changes in your life?

August 2, 2020

Expect It

Champions rarely congratulate you for doing your job; they just expect you to do it.

If you are a Champion you don’t hand out “you showed up” trophies. Relentless people expect you to do what you are supposed to do and to do it at your best. A Champion will not tolerate someone that takes plays off, doesn’t try to make every sell, doesn’t study their best for every test. Champion mindset is that if they are doing their absolute best every day; then you should too. It’s not about talent, it’s about the effort. It doesn’t take talent to show up and be unstoppable. It’s a mental thing more than a physical thing. So there is no excuse for you or me not to show up every day and be the best at what we do. Being relentless no more your talent level. Not looking for someone to tell you ‘good job’ when you do your job. You have Champion ability inside you. Today is your day to step up and be that Champion. Are you ready to dominate the day?

August 1, 2020

Be a Champion

The most important thing about a Champion, the one thing that defines and separates him from the rest.

He’s’ addicted to the rush of winning. Nothing feels like winning, other than winning a lot. Being the best at what you do is addictive. You want to be better and then get even better. Helping others achieve their destiny and goals makes you better. There is no better feeling than knowing you made the difference in someone’s life. You made them believe in themselves. Being a Champion is more than winning games. Being a Champion is about winning in life. Helping others take their life to another level is winning in life. When you realize that your life is all about others, then you are on your way. When you focus on others you put yourself in a rare category. Most folk today are all about; ‘what about me.’ Unless they change their attitude they will never be a Champion. Today is the day to get your focus right and your attitude correct. Let’s be the difference in people’s life’s today. Are you ready to be a Champion?

July 31, 2020

From the Floor Up

Champions don’t worry about hitting the ceiling or the floor. There is no ceiling. There is no floor.

When you are striving to be unstoppable you don’t think about a ceiling or a floor. A Champion focuses on getting better each day. You never focus on the destination, but rather the journey. You will know when you have arrived and then you keep going. Being a Champion at what you do is a lifestyle not a goal. There will be goals along the way, but they are not the end. Goals are only mile markers along the way. You keep moving even if it looks like you have bottomed out or you have hit the ceiling. Those only exist in the lives of those that desire to be average. The first month of this new year ends today. I encourage you to keep up the fight to be the greatest. Never let up in your process. If you have questions about how to be your best let me know. We are in this together! Be great today! Are you ready to be your best today?

July 30, 2020

Competing in Life

It’s easy to be tempted to go through life competing with everyone around us when we see someone who’s more talented, better looking or has more gifts.

Instead of running our race and being comfortable with who we are, oftentimes, we feel inferior and think, “I’ve got to catch up to them.” The problem with this unhealthy competition is that it’s a never-ending cycle. There will always be someone ahead of us. But, it’s a very freeing thing when you realize, “I’m not competing with you. I don’t have to have as big a house as my neighbor to feel good about myself. I don’t have to keep up with my co-worker. I don’t have to be a certain size. No, I understand that I’m not in competition with my friend, my neighbor or my co-worker. Instead, I’m going to be the best me that I can possibly be.” Be the difference in the world today. You are a Champion and it’s time to be the Champion you you were created to be. Are you ready today to be the best?

July 29, 2020

Dark Side Zone

Champions have a dark side, and a zone you can’t enter.

They get what they want, but they pay for it in solitude. There is a place that a Champion goes to be the best. However, very few ever make it to this place. You have what it takes to go to that place. It is your dark side, your zone. The dark side isn’t a bad place. It is the place where you at the very best. It is rare air, because so few are willing to do the work to go there. Some have a fear of going there because of the unknown. Today, is your day to discover your dark side, the zone that will take you to your greatest of the greatest. It doesn’t matter what it is you do, be the greatest of all time. Be the Champion that you were created to be. Have you made the changes necessary to be the best? Are you entering into your dark side yet?

July 28, 2020

Forward Move

What are you looking at today?

Not in the natural, but with your minds eye. In other words, what is in the forefront of your mind? Are you constantly thinking about your problems or things that have happened in your past? In the natural, you will move in the direction that your eyes are looking. Mentally it works the same way. Whatever you focus your mind on, you will move toward. That’s why you need to look straight ahead. If you are constantly thinking about your past, wondering “what if,” then you will stay right where you are. But if you choose to release the past through forgiveness, then you can focus on what is ahead of you. Forget the past, good and bad, and fix your gaze straight ahead so you can move forward into the life you were created for. Are you ready to move forward today?