Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

September 29, 2010

Battling Self

09 29 10 Wednesday

We all have a comfort zone.  Be careful that you don’t get so comfortable that you get lazy. This can happen very easily.  When we stop doing the things that make us better we will get worse.

For me it is being selfish.  I seem to have a never ending battle with selfishness.  It keeps rearing up at me when I don’t keep my foot on its head.  The thing to do is cut the head off and the body will die.  However, I haven’t done this at this point. I will continue to battle selfishness until I do conqueror it.  For you it may be something else.  Whatever your area is, don’t let up. Keep up the good fight and in the end you will overcome it.  Don’t relax and think it’s ok just because things are going good.  Be sure it is dead and buried.  Then make sure you don’t bring it back to life. Selfishness will not destroy me or those around me.  It will not destroy relationships or my marriage.  I choose today to put my wife, my daughter and others in my life before me.  I choose today to be open and honest.  To be accountable to those folk that God has placed in my life.  I will not hide or hold back the true, unconditional love that I have for those in my life.  This is what I have to do and relay want to do.  For you it could be different.  What I am trying to convey to you, is do a personal inventory of your life.  Ask those closest to you, they will know the truth about you.  Allow God to change you and make you into the person He created you to be.  Today is our day of victory over selfishness and all other negative traits.  Begin today!!