Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 6, 2010

Be the Change

12 06 10 Monday

We are starting week two of the last month.  Can you believe it’s going by so fast? Are you building your hope and anticipation for the upcoming year? What are you believing for in the next decade?

It is one thing for me to talk on and on about the changes and what all is going to be different in the New Year, but we have to do our part.  Just wanting something different to happen isn’t going to get it done.  Some of us are just wanting something, anything to change and be different in our lives.  It could be our job, spouse, kids, friends, school, or family that we want to be different.  However, we have to do something different if we want our lives to be different.  Be the change! We have to take action.  Get in your mind, and in your heart what needs to improve in your situation.  Pray about it and do what God says do. I stand in agreement with you and God that it will happen.  Now, take action on what He said to do.  Get you hope and expectation level as high as you can.  Remember, the change has to take place in us, don’t try to change others.  Again, be the change you are wanting.  Today is the day that begins our change! Embrace it! Welcome it!

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