Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 17, 2010

Breakdown or Breakthrough

10 17 10 Sunday

You ever been around folk that never seem to have a bad day or nothing bad ever happens to them?  Been around folk that are just lucky? Well, the truth be known we all have bad days, go through tough times and experience things that are not fair to us.

We can either have a breakdown or a breakthrough.  Every day we are faced with the challenges or the opportunities of life.  It’s all in how we look it and evaluate them.  Some things are just plain unfair, the way some folk treat us, our boss, our spouse, our kids, our friends and complete strangers.  No one is immune to life’s situations.  However, everyone does not respond the same way.  It is in our perspective of things.  Included in that perspective is how we have been raised and taught to handle things.  Don’t play the role of the victim but rather play the role of the victor.  When something comes at you already have your mind made up; “I will take this and learn from it.  I will grow and be better because of it.”  Not a victim or bitter because of it.  Folk of destiny are the ones that have breakthroughs not breakdowns.  Be the stronger person; choose to forgive, to love, to help, to offer hope, to reconcile and restore other folk first.  Take the higher road, the path less traveled. You will be glad you did.  I believe in you and your ability to do this.  Have a major breakthrough today!


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