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September 9, 2010

Caught in a Trap

09 09 10 Thursday

Elvis sang: “We’re caught in a trap can’t get out,” there is so much truth in that for many folk.  We get caught up in the traps of the world; most of them set for our mind.

This time of year brings back many memories to me.  Memories that are not very complimentary of my past, but speak volumes about the changes I have been able to make in my due to Jesus, family, and friends; I include you in there too.  However, the trap in my mind is; look at all you did, look at all the pain you have caused.  What I should be focused on is look at how far you have come, look at all the changes you have made, look at the wrongs you have made right.  This is a trap that many of us fall into and find it hard to get out.  Mental traps are so easy to get caught up in.  I realize I am in the trap, but it seems like I am helpless against it.  The mind is a powerful tool and can do awesome things or devastating things.  There has to be a renewing of our mind every day of our lives.  Realize quickly when you are in a mental trap don’t sink deeper into it.  I am fighting this one right there with you; if you have fallen into a mental trap too.  Recognizing we are in the trap is vital.  Being in the trap and not knowing it or denying it is a very dangerous place to be.  Renew your mind today.  You are so awesome. Look where you have come from and where you are heading toward.  Get your mind clean and fill it with good stuff.

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