Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 24, 2012

Change Inspires Change

If you keep doing the same thing and hanging around the same crowd you’ll get the same results. Change inspires change be great today.

I often tell people if you want to get different results in your life, then you have to change something you are doing. Making small changes each day, each week, will add up to big changes. It may take changing something you are doing and/or the people you are hanging out with each day. You will take on the characteristics of the people you are with on a consistent basis. Take a good look at your daily routine. See where you can make some adjustments to it. Maybe getting up earlier and having some study time. Could be you need to make some dietary changes. The thing is, when you make a change, then you make another; it gets easier. Not easy, but easier. Change will build on change. Look at your inner circle of friends. Are those people making you better? Are they challenging you each day to be better? If not then it’s time to make a new inner circle of friends. You will either get better each day or you get worse each day; there is no staying the same. Is there something you need to change today?