Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 13, 2010

Death Clothes

11 13 10 Saturday

There is a Bible story about a man that was dead for four days; then Jesus called him out of the tomb.  He was alive but he was still in what they called ‘death clothes.”  A lot of us are that way today. We are alive but wrapped up in our death clothes.

Your destiny is alive, your gift is alive, your purpose is alive but it’s still wrapped up in death clothes.  You are alive and doing okay, but you are not alive in your gift, in your destiny or in your purpose.  Take the death clothes off of your gift, destiny, and purpose today.  Begin to live your live to the greatest today.  You will never experience your life the way you were intended to until you take the death clothes off.  You do have a reason for being here; or God would not have created you.  Speak life to your dreams, your passion, your love.  Take the death clothes off today and experience life!

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