Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 6, 2011

Destiny Robbers

01 06 11 Thursday

Let me ask you this; “Do you believe you have a destiny”? I have been surprised at the number of folk that have told me that they don’t believe they have a destiny.  Now hear this; “Yes, you do have a destiny and it’s an awesome destiny.”

The catch, if there is one, is this; you have to do your part.  God has created you with a gift and a destiny.  He has a plan for your life and it’s to see you succeed at your destiny.  However, if we choose not to walk it out then it will not happen.  We are given the gift of choice as well as destiny.  That’s why insecurities are such a horrible thing.  They rob us of what is rightfully ours.  When you are robbed of your destiny then the world too is robbed of something great.  You have awesomeness inside of you. It does take work, everyday work, to get that awesomeness out and working, but you can do it.  Don’t sell yourself short, don’t tell yourself you can’t do it, don’t say you aren’t good enough, don’t confess you have made too many mistakes.  We all have come up short at some point in our lives.  I have missed it countless times, but yet I continue to walk it out.  I know I have a destiny and you too.  Let’s put aside the issues, the insecurities, the unforgiveness, and pride.  Let’s walk this out together.


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