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September 15, 2010

Dream Testers

09 15 10 Wednesday

Ever felt a dream die inside of you?  Ever experienced something in your life that made you think your destiny, future, or life were over? We all have at one time or another.

I want to encourage you to never let a dream die before it has been fulfilled.  If there are dead or dying dreams inside of you today; then speak live to them.  Do something that will cause them to come back to life.  All through our lives we will have dream testers.  There will be folk, circumstances and situations that will test our dreams.  These are not bad things, in fact, we need them.  We need to test the strength of our dream.  We have to determine the reality of our dream.  Now every dream tester may not appear in our life with helping us in mind, but we turn the tables on them.  Joseph said, what you meant for my harm, God meant for my good. Know that there is restoration and reconciliation available for you. So when your dream is tested know that you are just seeing how real, how strong, how sure, how good the dream really can be.  Don’t believe the lie that your dreams are dead because of your past.  As we talked about yesterday; there are things in our past that should have killed us, but yet here we are.  There have been times that I thought God Himself had given up on me, but yet here I am.  The same can be for you.  Don’t give up! Don’t bury your dream.  Don’t let your past derail your destiny.  Your past can propel you to your destiny.  Walk it out! Keep on dreaming and welcome the dream testers of this world.  Dream on baby!!!

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