Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 4, 2010

Focused & Stress Free

12 04 10 Saturday

Have you seen folk that no matter what is going on around them or in their lives they still are at peace, calm, cool and collective.  These folk have learned to deal with stress and stay focused.  This is imperative for us as we get closer to the end of the year.

Christmas time always seems to bring a lot of stress, not to mention the stress already in your life. Family and finances are two of the major reasons for stress this time of year.  Family and finances are stressors the whole year for most folk.  It’s just this time of year they are magnified.  We have to learn to be focused on what we are here to do, not what everybody else wants us to do. Folk will put expectations on you that are not fair.  Be careful what you allow to enter your heart and mind right now.  It is so important for you to be stress free and focused. Stay focused on your destiny.  This will keep you at peace.  Remember, your destiny is all about other folk.  You will have their best interest in mind, but from a better perspective.  When we don’t feel the stress of Christmas buying this will help us in our finances.  It is so important to stay at peace.  Peace and focus will come when we reduce the stress levels in our life.

We will talk more about stress, peace, and focus tomorrow.  You can live without stress.  It is a big step so we will take more time with it.  Have an awesome day! Focus on your destiny.

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