Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

November 20, 2010

Get Ready

11 20 10 Saturday

Have you ever seen one of those optical illusion things where the object looks far away but in reality it is really close? That is the way a lot of us look at life.  We think our breakthrough, our destiny, our coming out is so far away, but really it’s within your reach.

Your destiny, your dream is right there just waiting for you to reach out and accept it.  We sometimes think that our time is never going to come.  I am telling you; “It is right now.” Don’t wait another minute.  Get up, get ready, and get it! Everything you need is already inside of you. Now is the time to put it into practice.  Start sharpening your gift and talent.  Get yourself ready for what is coming.  No more sitting back and waiting.  Today is your day! Just do something to get started; something you have been waiting to do.  Apply to that college, take that class, start writing that book; do something today.  Your dreams are alive and well.

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