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September 13, 2010


09 13 10 Monday

Do you ever look at what other folk are doing and wonder; “is my break ever coming,” “will I ever catch a break,” “I wish I had a destiny,” “I don’t think I have a purpose.”  All of us have said something similar in our life. No anymore though.

When we see folk that look like they have it all together and have a great life; sometimes we start to doubt our own life.  This shouldn’t be though, we all have a great life; some just haven’t started living it yet or haven’t recognized it yet.  We all have stuff we have to go through, but when we look it as building us and not destroying us, then we can make changes.  Most of the stuff we go through we put ourselves through.  When we stop blaming others, life, karma, our spouse, family, classmates, and total strangers for all that is wrong in our lives; then we can get somewhere.  Just know that you do a purpose and a destiny, but you can’t get all caught up in the cares of the world if you intend on living your destiny.  Not to say you don’t take care of business, but take care of the business.  Take responsibility and step up to what needs to be done.  There is a lot of growing up and maturing that has to take place to walk in your destiny, but you can do it.  There is a plan for your life.  You sometimes have to make your own breaks.  When you do get a break make the most of it.  Do that one thing that you were created to do; that no one else can do like you can.  You are awesome! Don’t give up! You are loved and appreciated!

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