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December 9, 2010

Jimmy V

12 09 Thursday

It’s this time of year that in college basketball there is the Jimmy V challenge.  Coach Jimmy Valvano coached the North Carolina State team to the National Championship in 1982-83 season. He died of cancer ten years later.  During his treatment his message to us was; “Don’t ever give up.” That message still stands strong today.

I have written many times about not giving up.  We are so close to something great, awesome and powerful in 2011.  We have to be sure and stay persistent in our destiny, others are depending on us.  We have to stay the course, if you will. Your life does make a difference.  It does not matter if you are male or female, your race, your religion, your age, or where you live.  You make a difference.  Without you in the world there is a void that no one can fill.  The fact that you are here today means you still have destiny in you. Don’t give up, don’t take yourself out of the game.  Don’t allow someone else to talk you out of your destiny.  It happens all the time. We allow others to stop us.  Listen, even if you are still in high school and think you have to wait until you have graduated and maybe went to college before you start living; you are living your destiny right now.  You make a difference today! You are so awesome, valuable, and worthy of recognition. You do have a destiny, purpose, and reason for living.


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