Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 22, 2014

Knowing What To Do

When everybody’s crying and saying; “What do we do now?” you’ll be halfway home by answering the question right. The answer, is ‘walk on.’

When you know who you are and what your purpose in life is; then you have no problem when life is tough. Now, life does get easier when learn your identity and why you’re here. Note, that I didn’t say; life is easy, but it does get much easier. There is less confusion and more clarity. You know what to do when others around you seem to have no idea. You stay in your strength zone, but never your comfort zone. Your strength zone becomes your comfort zone. In other words, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. So the next time you find yourself in a tough situation and those around you are panicking; move forward. Control what you can control. Use your gift and talent to move through the situation. You will be a difference maker in the lives of the people around you. Do you know what to do in difficult situations?