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September 19, 2010

Labels on a Box

09 19 10 Sunday

Why do we put labels on folk? We then are placing them in a box; where there seems to be no way out.  Even if it is a good label and a good box; is it really ‘good’? From what I see and hear it is not a good thing.

I suppose we all have been on both sides of this thing.  I know I have labeled folk, thereby, boxing them up.  While at the same time I have been labeled; so I was in a box in other’s minds.  I have been labeled many things, some true and some not true.  If we label someone it’s like we put them in a box in our mind and set the box on a shelf and that’s it.  We never go back to them.  What if the person changes and is no longer what we have labeled them? This is where labeling folk gets all messed up.  Just because we think they are one way or another does not mean they will always be that way. Have you not gone through changes? Have you not grown and matured? So if you have, what about others? Instead of labels how about lets give folk identity.  A positive affirming identity.  One that they can be proud of and use to grow themselves.  Labels only stunt our growth, but identity is the catalyst that propels us toward our destiny.  I will no longer be put in a box nor will I attempt to put others in a box.  If we truly love folk we will stop with the labels.  See folk the way they can be and will be, not where they are right now.  They are in a growing stage, maturing stage.  They may not look so good right now, but just remember how we looked a little while back.  If you have been labeled with a bad label there is restoration and reconciliation available for you.  Replace your label with a true, healing, uplifting, and positive identity today!!

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