Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 12, 2010

Looking For That One Thing

10 12 10 Tuesday

What is that one thing you are looking for in life? What is the one thing that would make your life complete? We all in search of something; what is your something?

So many folk spend their whole life looking for that something to bring them fulfillment and satisfaction.  Many of these folk never find what it is they are looking for.  We all have heard the stories of people that seemed to have everything, but died looking for one thing.  There are the folk that are looking for their one thing in sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, but never find it.  There are those that look for it in material stuff.  They look for it in money and status, but never seem to find it.  We were born with that search instinct.  We were born to find that one thing.  We will never be satisfied, have joy or peace in our lives until we find it.  What is that one thing?  Does it vary from person to person? Will I ever find it? How will I know when I have found it?  Think about it and we will continue along this same line tomorrow.


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