Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 29, 2010

Love is the Key

12 29 10 Wednesday

We are getting closer to great change.  I don’t hinge great change on January 1st, but I use it as a point of reference.  Great stuff is coming our way. Are you ready? Will you be aware of the changes?

If love is the determining factor in all you do; then you will be aware and you will be ready for the changes.  We have to have unconditional love for ourselves and for others.  Unconditional love for ourselves is always looking to love others.  To love yourself is to serve others.  When we love others and serve others then we will see the changes that are coming. We will begin to live our destiny when we love others.  You see, selfishness can’t exist if unconditional love is in control.  Selfishness and destiny can’t exist together.  We have to love, if we are going to live our destiny.  It is that simple.  When we lay it all down, love is the only thing that will remain.  Love is the key to this whole thing we call life, destiny, purpose and so on.  Check yourself right now and see what is in control of your decisions, your thoughts, your life.  Is it love or something else? Allowing love to be our decision-maker, our guide will change our live like nothing else.  Love never quits, it never gives up and love always wins.  Love never fails!


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